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  •  Seems like you could charge a premium for a pic of the FDO’s bum..there could be an enterprise brewing here.

    Don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead. Don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. Whatever you do, don’t blink.

    Go to to order your copy. Not ony can you get the hardcover, I can swing down there and autograph it for you. Maybe put a photocopy of my butt in there as well, who knows?

    cause it might have gone somewhere without you. the damn things do love to party ;P

    Assassins do it from behind

    check your package.

    – “I don’t have time for a grudge match with every poser in a parka.” -Dr. Horrible

    that they will still show up! they’ll just have the wrong package…

    "I like the Fed-EX driver..Because he’s a drug dealer and he don’t even know it-Mitch Hedburg

    Assassins do it from behind

    quietly sitting in a hole where his local mall used to be, looking at his watch, searching up and down the road waiting for the UPS truck to arrive. 

    "I thought, therefore, I was."

    you’ll have to wait longer than until next Friday. Be careful of what you ask for…!

    – “I don’t have time for a grudge match with every poser in a parka.” -Dr. Horrible

    hell if it taste like chicken,bring me chicken!

                                                        rodney carigton

    call in an air strike immediatly….but you will need to find another avenue to procure a book. waldenbooks is about to be waldenbits.

    Fahrenheit 451 bitches! (wheres Montag when you need him?)

    Assassins do it from behind

    Ok FDO you say you will show your power and destroy those that stand in your path well what about the Walden Books in my local mall? What about them are they to escape your fury?

    My girlfriend went to purchase Infected today in hard cover for me (given that she has learned of my pledge so siglerism) and they were out….not one copy left in the store…. They told her she had to wait till next friday….NEXT FRIDAY….. This can not go unpunished…FDO you must destroy them for me for they are preventing the posession of Infected within my hands…

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