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Where does the Master want us to subscribe?

  • i get my fix through iTunes

    Scott’s probably best to tell you where he perfers people to subscribe from — for maximum props — but based on his website, there are multiple ways to tap your vein:

    iTunes Podcast
    XML Burner
    Yahoo Podcasts

    i get my siglar (DAMN HIM) fix through iTunes. there are other ways of which i know nothing.
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends

    The Math god

    New junkie here after discovering Sigler from I noticed that Nocturnal is not available through podiobooks (there probably a story there). Turning my mind to marketing and the example of the blitzkreig, I wondered, where would be the best place to subscribe to get Sigler the best bang for the download? Currenlty I am susbscribed through, but that doesn’t help with 3rd party marketing (or does it?)

    Oh great master, tell us where to point our podcatchers to greater reflect your glory.

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