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Where can I purchase Ancestor

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    I think because Crown Publishing is going to do their own run the Dragon Moon Press editions are now out of print. It’s a shame really, I lost my copy after my campsite in Morocco was attacked by some creaturey things at night and the only thing missing was that damn book.
    I guess I’ll wait for the Crown run…
    My thoughts this week: I’m going to fail my exams this month… Proved by starting the week with a D.. In maths. Mathematics! This is someone who rarely gets below 90% in maths. Not good.

    or in the deepest bowels of hell.

    I have looked at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders and all over the web and no one has Ancestor in stock. I checked the Dragon Moon Press website and the Ancestor links on it are dead. Anyone know what is going on here? Is DMP going to produce another run of books or is there an issue with them?

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