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When you die, who plays you in the movie

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    Hmm im thinkin Chuck Norris(he has never died)(i think) or Patrick Stewart (with hair) to see Captain Picard die would be fun

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    I think getting killed as Rosanne would be more fun. And I think the critics might like to see that. As Joanne Woodward, i’d be a much more sympathetic victim…..and she might get more positive reviews. Then as a child in flashbacks, Lisa Simpson.

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    I wanna go out fighting like Mace in “Strange Days” at least it would start out as a hell of a fight to anyway and hopefully a grand heroic death!


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    JC Hutchins if he can play 7+2+1 clones he can play an ordinary fat guy. Or Earl Newton a great fanboy moment for “Sacred Cow” fans, Or Adam Sandler, who doesn’t look a bit like my but I’m tired of seeing him and I could buy the home video and watch him die again and again and again.

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    Im looking at actors that even look a little like me and id have to say it would have to be Jim Bulushi(but he’s wayyyyy too old) or that reject that was screwing Jennifer Aniston

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    I can’t stand this guy so much that I’d let him play me so that he could get eaten.

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    Definetly dane cook, I saw him get hit in the face with a shovel in a movie once it was terrific. I figure watching him die would be better though…

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    Well ME of course!

    Stay drenched in blood brother!


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    Scarlet Johansson was the first celebrity that popped into my head but that’s just plain silly (although she wins my celebrity I most want to have as “arm candy” award). Maybe she’ll play my “love interest”.

    My daughter always (from age 3 on) accused me of looking like (or him looking like me) Leonardo DiCaprio so maybe he’d be a good choice. If not, it’s a toss up between Robert Patrick and Robert Patrick.

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    Dennis Quaid

    the right amount of asshole, humor and the killer smile

    The Math god

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    you heard me jackie chan. or jet lee.

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    So, you’ve been killed by Scott Sigler in “Nocturnal” and the Hollywood Mother Frackers have greenlit the movie version.

    Who plays you in the movie. Do you want your idol to play you? Do you want a fluffy headed maroon to play you so you can see them die? Do you have the single worst actor you can name play you so you can enjoy seeing them die horribly?

    Idol: Jodie Foster – she’d die and win an academy award doing it.

    Fluffy headed maroon: Jessica Beil – she’d die and I could dream that her only talent (her perfect bootie) is what mine looks like.

    Worst actor: I’d rather they not get paid for anything so I have no choice in this category.

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