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When will Pandemic be on the audio feed?

  • Well, it’s always better to have an over abundance of audio content than a shortage, right?

    With the exception of TITLE FIGHT, I’ve bought all the audiobooks as they’ve been released on Audible. It’s worth the minimal $$$ to me to get the book all at once and it also saves me the effort of editing out all the Scottie speak for those 2nd, 3rd, and 4th listens.

    The sooner the better for Pandemic!

    Hey MKaz,

    We’re not sure. Could be after ALIVE, which will end in in mid-November of this year. That said, it could be later too, if we choose to release ALIGHT a bit early as well, as we did with ALIVE.

    By year’s end we’ll also have THE DETECTIVE and THE REPORTER and EARTHCORE audiobookified and ready to go, but I don’t think there’s an order or a plan yet for which goes first. If it’s my choice, and we’re not running ALIGHT early, I’d probably put PANDEMIC there.

    Title says it all… It seems like it’s about time…

    Pandemic on the audio feed!

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