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When is the sequel coming out

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    As much as I am (im)patiently awaiting this….I will continue to wait. 2 books in a year is very unusual for most writers since its a very quick pace to be writing at. Trust me, I want Pandemic just as badly as anyone else….but I wouldn’t want the FDO to rush it to satisfy the junkies and have the story suffer because of it. So I will continue to do my impatient waiting routine and re-read Infected and Contagious until my brain explodes.

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    Two books per year is very impressive guys. I know we’re all chomping at the bit for the sequels but they’ll come honest. I fully believe that we’ll get all the book promised even if Scott has to reanimate to get them done. 🙂 Heck, I’m still waiting on the sequel to Earthcore and that will come after the sequel to Contagious. I’m pretty sure Scott is training us to be strong so that when the plaid tanks roll……..

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    Summer of 2013 for the sequal to Contagious. Please God nooooooo I cant wait that long.

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    I just finished Contagious I’m in total ahhh! Loved infected. Contagious ended leaving me hanging. What’s happens now!!!!!!

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    Man I was really hoping it was coming out this year….though with Nocturnal and MVP I guess it was just a dream…….

    My hopes have died and I just finished Contagious again!!!!!


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    BUT…..BUT………….BUT uggggggggggggg he promised long ago it was going to be summer of 2012, now another year uggggggggggggg

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    Scott starts writing PANDEMIC in earnest this summer, once THE MVP is fully put to bed. It’s currently slated to be released by Crown in Summer 2013.

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    Thanks JP 🙂

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    Scott started working on Pandemic on 1 Aug 2010. You can find just enough here to tease you:

    I thought I remembered there was a tentative order of books posted on the forums a long while ago, but can’t find it now. Scott and A might have mentioned this in the 2010 DØM Year in Review. I’m curious now myself, will keep looking and let you know what I find. In the meantime, maybe some of the other junkies will have an answer for the both of us!
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    When is the sequel pandemic I think it’s called coming out any one know ?

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