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When did you come into the silger universe? (Which book did you jump in durring?)

  • EarthCore 


    I was listening to Hutchin’s 7th Son series when Hutchins and Sigler held a contest about the overlap of their two books.  After I finished 7th Son I started Infected and got hooked. 

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    typed in "horror" in ITUNES and saw Earthcore. Got hooked early. Did not register on this site until Rookie was out though. Loved Scott’s commentaries and junkie calls early on.

    I had the pleasure of listening to half the episodes of Earthcore in one hit, I then had to wait like a dirty junkie, and I have been waiting ever since.  I even like waiting!  Its crazy

    but between books. I came in about a month before nocturnal started. I got INfection and then listened to everyother one.


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    Read Infected last year,.. after I finished and once my balls dropped again I researched and easily found more "fixes" from our FDO. So now after Earthcore, Ancestor, Nocturnal and Contagious I am hooked, sold and ready to follow the skeletal frame of our General Siglerismo when he invades. 


    "To Sleep, perchance to Dream – and see silver bugs, blue triangles and Snakeface riding an Ancestor comin’ at ya!" – Shakespeare in the FDO world.

    I first heard of our FDO ™©® when the third episode of Earthcore was out. I listened to the first two episodes to get caught up on what sounded like a great story, and became an addict after that.

    Nocturnal was the first one I listed to as a weekly (and never late) podcast. All of the others I listed to in a continuous Sigler orgy over the summer of 08. You might say that summer changed my life.

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    of ancestor. had to immediately go and find earthcore. 


    waiting for the new episodes to hit and finding everything I could from him was all this junkie

    could do to keep from jonsing in between episodes.  I even went online and found a copy of

    "monsters in memphis." way cool.


    Damn I keep forgetting to bring that and have the FDO sign it.


    I came in on like episode 5 of Nocturnal.  I was just piddling around on Itunes when I saw the magical word, "Free"  i was like…. what the hay, give it a  shot.  I saw horror, I saw Scott, and here I am today

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    While the first book i ever listened to by scott was Ancestor, I really started my venture into siglerisim early on in The Rookie. (i had already gone back and caught myself up and listened to Earthcore and the original Infection) But The Rookie was the first book that i ever listened to WHILE he was podcasting it. I must admit i was hesitanat at first because at the time i really wasnt huge into football but it actually ended up being one of my favorite works by him. It was a sobering experience actually having to wait each week for a new episode after just being able to go and listen to each episode whenever i wanted to with the first 3 books, i hated waiting! lol Oh and Nocturnal (not counting The Bloodcast of course) was the first sigler book that i actually got to start from the first episode and listen along with from start to finish. Anyone else have a similar story?

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