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When are we gonna get more CRYPT?!?!?!!!11

  • Job: No updates yet. We’re hoping to tackle this beast in 2019.

    Any new updates on the 2nd book, dying to listen to it

    We’ve got it back on the calendar. We’re always hesitant to give release dates, because so many things pop up with us that alter the schedule, but more CRYPT is definitely on-track.

    Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed The Crypt “Book one”. It was my very first Podcast. Since then I have become a die hard fan! All your stuff rocks! Keep up the good work. I hope to see more of the Crypt, but I understand that art can not be rushed.


    Catching up and reading this thread, I guess that’s the way to do it… hook them and make them want more!

    Kind Regards – Neil

    @wyrdwyrd: Half-past never seems about right to me, too. We’re trying really hard to catch up!

    FWIW, I also am still awaiting an actual Crypt story (not “character sketches”) to be listening to.

    I like sci-fi a lot. And as I think back to what made Aliens (specifically the 2nd movie) so great, for me it was that concept of Marines In Space on a poorly conceived mission that goes terribly, terribly wrong.

    (One of my favorite scenes being, “You always were an asshole, Gorman.” coupled with the way they both grabbed the grenade. Poignant Truth, Bonding as Soldiers and Gallows Humor all in a couple seconds.)

    So even though all signs point to Crypt happening round about half-past-never, I am still wishful-thinking optimistic that Scott will get ’round to starting it any year now.

    Right after he re-writes Earthcore… just a bit more.


    All the best, General Siglerisimo. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

    @PerfectDayForDying: Gonna be a lot of years before we see a GFL video game. Games are expensive to produce, and companies want to know there is enough built-in audience to make it worth their while. We don’t have those kind of numbers, so it would take someone who falls in love with the content.

    I feel the The Crypt would make an awesome basis for a video game. Who’s with me on this? And as long as we’re talking about video games, when are we gonna see a Madden-style treatment of the GFL? That sucker would sell like hotcakes, or cronuts, or… I dunno, something else that sells really well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Oh yeah……I’d forgotten about The PUV James Keeling and all her Merry Men (or merry somethings). That was an intriguing universe. It would have been interesting to see how @scottsigler would have tied all of those lovely adventurers into the lives of our beloved GFL compatriots. Cest la vie. There are only so many seconds in a minute; minutes in an hour; hours in a day; days in a week; weeks in a year; etc etc etc.

    Personally, I think @arealgirl has done a magnificent job scheduling our Future Dark ร˜verlord’s time in an efficient manner so that he’s been able to generate new creations across multiple story arcs over recent years (ie since 2008). He’s completed the Infected trilogy, the Ancestor duology is ongoing, he re-wrote Nocturnal, the Galactic Football League heptalogy is five books in and currently includes three companion novellas, two of the Color Books are completed, Alive is due out in a few months, *and* he’s contributed stories to several anthologies. I challenge anyone to find another author who’s produced a similar quantity work of comparable quality. If my count is accurate, that’s (11) full length novels, (5) novellas & (3) short stories over the course of six years. I suspect I probably missed a few projects, too. I just tallied what I could think of off the top of my head. Also, I did not count any of the podcast stories he wrote during those years.

    Oh! no one has harnessed you since June regarding the crypt. Come on! It is almost Halloween and I need more audio-bedtime stories for the 5 year old… More Crypt please!

    @taintedtaint: You’re right, they got to me. And now that I’ve finished up some goods, I hope to get back to it later this year. Wait … what’s that? A PROMETHEUS sequel? Awwwww, crap …


    I know that the only plausible explanation for why the Crypt never gained momentum was that one of Ridley Scotts goons heard how ground breaking and scientifically sound tour story was shaping up to and they has a dark alley visit with you to put the kibosh on your groundbreaking universe.
    Well, now that the drama has passed, I proffer that you get back in the old recording closet and grind this story out and see what a true, rabid, sci-fi fan base can do!


    ~ OG Junkie Tainted Taint

    @kam2000000: I’M WORKING ON IT DAGGUMIT! A few deadlines to fulfill first. @arealgirl is trying to set it up for the end of 2014.

    GRRRRRR, c’mon Scott, gotta have more CRYPT!!!

    (im)patiently waiting…

    Although, it seems that holding out on certain things may be effective. After I graciously consumed every kilobyte of free content you have provided, I discovered The Crypt. It is easily my favorite, and i’m frothing for more.

    get outta my head!
    GET OUTTA MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @athanas: As far as you know, he’s into stuffed animals and corn documentaries. No telling what that lad likes.

    Dammit! I’m going crazy waiting to see Corpsman Athanas kicking some ass and saving some bitches!

    As I said in the other CRYPT thread:

    No idea when THE CRYPT, Book Two will be released. If it helps (although I’m not sure it will) I can tell you that it’s not even on the schedule as yet. We’re hoping for sometime in 2014, but too soon to tell. So, if I had to say SOMETHING here, I’d say don’t expect it before 2015. (But also, don’t expect it FOR SURE in 2015, that’s not what I’m saying either.)

    I’m saying we have no idea as yet, but you’ll find out here on the site first, I promise you that.

    Don’t make me get out the chef knife…

    Attended the MVP tour and it was indicated that The Crypt Book I (stories we have already digested in audio format) is/was on the slate. I recently downloaded and burned a bunch of those early MP3’s cause I was jonesing for some Crypt.

    To our dear FDO : Any plans to publish The Crypt as a book / eBook ?

    My favorite of your works. I waited patiently for two years hoping for more. Couldnt believe it, i just found the two shake down chapters so im good for prob another week at least!

    Can we get on this one please? You can’t go and put this crack in my brain and not come through with the next book.

    Yeah, what she said!

    @PerfectDayForDying: I know, I know!!


    It’s been two years, Scott. TWO FREAKING YEARS! Look, I know that you gotta write the stuff that you’re getting paid for, and that’s great & all, but you kinda really left us all hanging there with the first two chapters of SHAKEDOWN. I have to know how it all plays out for B.W. Crites, man! Now get to work, chop chop!


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