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What's going on with the twittering?

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    This site will always act as a homing beacon for all of us
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    I’ve actually been doing the work they pay me for. Radical I know but there you have it. Haven’t even had much time for twitter 🙁
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    very true….could be a lull between books but you have fallen in to the trap that i did with twitter, i originally only did twitter to follow the FDO, Pip and Tee Morris, Mur Lafferty, and the like and now i see so many more podcast i listen to have twitters…..its a slippery slippery slope

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    There is not much going on in the Sigler world to be commented on at the moment. Yes we have The Starter, but that’s been out for a little bit now and it’s still a little while before The All-Pro, so maybe its just a lull in between books.

    Personally, I only use twitter to read the feeds of a few authors and shows I like, but prefer sites and forums for more actual conversation.

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    but i guess that is just how new media/ social media things are going now i mean look at google plus

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    Websurfing on a phone sucks but twitter was made for phones, hence the 140 character limit which fits most phone screens perfectly.
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    …because it’s so accessible from my phone. I can access from my phone as well, but it’s a pain to navigate and I don’t much like reading large blocks of text on the tiny screen. I prefer to log in here when I have a big screen and time to sit and read everything.

    Still, Twitter isn’t built for proper conversation. I don’t think it will ever replace this site!

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    It’s like the site is vacant now. Is twitter the new junkie hangout? Or maybe google+? Come on guys, don’t abandon our most holy alter of Siglerism. Make your pilgrimage and place your offering in the collection plate that is the forums. Although I must admit, I’m kinda liking all the spammer killing I’m getting lately. It’s harder to get the crack when there isn’t much to respond to and I’m a little short on original content. More of a reactionist than a activist. It’s a flaw but I’m working on it. Get off me.

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