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What would be the best way to get a soundbite for a reasonably sized podcast?

  • The episode is now up and is basically 4 junkies, some recent, some not so recent, just geeking out in an unhealthy manner about our FDO. Not all the details were correct, but the love for all things Sigler comes clearly across. It is episode 47- The Sigler Special found at the following

    You’ll have to let us know how good or how bad it is. I think we shall be revisiting the subject at some point in the future

    Listen to ScutterCast. A one stop shop for all things Red Dwarf

    You’ll have to let us know when and where we can listen to it.


    This is now recorded and it was awesome….and FDO. I gotta give you the biggest THANK YOU for the audio clip you did for us. I was only a guest host on this podcast as I was the person that turned everyone from our little "community" onto Siglerism. But I loved spending 2 hours geeking out about our FDO and the universe he creates.


    ps Does this mean I now get a relatively painless death?

    How would we go about getting some "sound bites" from you for a Sigler special podcast episode we are doing? (An interview would just be us groveling and gibbering "We’re not worthy!"!)

     We e-mailed an audio request at the worst possible time….Rookie books being packed and a book signing tour…however, since the request, the podcast has been picked up by a decent podcast network and is now going out to a significant audience. (In the thousands I believe)

    I think Boz has resent the request, however, I’m guessing you’ve got quite a back log of mail. Just wondered what would be the best way, if it is at all possible for a couple of spoiler warnings by the FDO himself…maybe a name check to the podcast…

    Leave it with you. Hope to hear back. If not, you WON’T have lost a listener. Junkie’s need thier fix!

    (I’m not trying to plug the podcast at all, so I will not name it on here. )

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