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What sigler books would make a kick ass anime

  • easily nocturnal. the cop element and the “super powers” of the nocturnals lends itself well to the anime genre. also, I would love to see Pookie as a suave anime dude, hitting up the ladies. I see badass written all over this already badass story. if anyone has any connections in the animation industry, this needs to be pitched. It might take a few years, but i know someone who is going into animation…


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    but if you could find someone who was a sigler fan first and there was some creative control, then all would be right in the world…



    I love anime, but have you seen anime or manga versions of western stories? When I saw the manga versions of Star Trek and Spawn a piece of my soul died. I would hate to see less-than-stellar versions of Sigler’s work out there. His stuff kicks too much ass to have akward, inexplicable love triangles and odd cutesie buddy creatures thrown in like they seem to do with everything.

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    nocturnal would be the best fit. i think

    I think it would have to be Nocturnal, get the guys from the batman cartoon to do it all in black and grays and it would be epic. Besides Pookie is the perfect name for an animated character.

    they would easily fit in the genre and not so hard on the eyes as putting things in CG.



    would be my first choice, followed closely by Nocturnal.

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    I would totally dig any of Scott’s stuff in anime, but Nocturnal was the first one I thought of. Those monsters would rock (even more than they already do) in ink.


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    I’m a fan of Anime, but Sometimes I think it cheapens the story a little bit. All of Scott’s Stuff is so great, I would personally prefer to see live action with appropriate special effects. You see the awesome thing about a Sigler Novel is the realism. I’m not sure that would translate well to Anime which is by nature over-the-top.

    would be the best for anime. Think that medium would be the best for that story


    the correct answer is all of them.

    I agree that Nocturnal is the best one for anime.

    To do it live action is a no-no. Too many monsters!


    I would think that nocturnal would probaly the best one

    Infected and Contagious would be a crazy epic Anime.  I can already see the disturbing images of the triangels in my head! It’d probably be like Black Jack meets Violence Jack, oooooh, I can already feel myself losing sleep at the horror…the horror…

    Nocturnal is the one which would work best.

    THE ROOKIE would be so hard to shoot as "real" action, probably on the scale of AVATAR for budget and production time. NOCTURNAL would also be great, considering the amount of monsters and spookiness. 

    Any of the Scott’s work could easily translate to anime.


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    the actual games would be awesome as hell to see as anime.

    I agree with others, though, that Nocturnal would be best as live action.


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    Nocturnal Anime would be some good shit, but I’d rather see it in Live Action.  Can you imagine

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    Nocturnal for the imagery and strange creatures… Also there’s some action every other minute.

    Ancestor isn’t fast paced enough and would need more action for the panels

    Earthcore is too limited with scenery for much of the movie.  Cave to well, cave.

    Infected/Contagious… maybe, it might work….

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    i think nocturnal would make a savage anime seires or movie it would go into so much detail

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