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What podbook is that?

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    The sequel is called DOG BLOOD, and Moody is off the charts awesome with this one. Loved it. Will blog about it when it comes out. 

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     That was a great recommendation Jam

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    I thought he was referring to Diary of a Madman by MYN.  But that’s not what the main character did while he was at the mall.  that’s something else… 

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    Yeah, that sounds about right.  Thanks!  Laughing

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    Yo… could someone help out a brother?  
    I’ve been trying to track down a podbook that Scott ran a trailer for on his podcast quite sometime back.  Problem is, the only thing I remember of it is this guy in a mall beating up and old lady cause she looked evil to him.  Onlookers came to help out and he attacks them too.
    Yeah.  As you can prob see, that isn’t nearly enough for a google search even.
    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
    Mucho Gracias

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