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What other sports are played in the Siglerverse?

  • The Galactic Fighting association and the Intergalactic Fighting Association (the GFA and IFA respectively) which is mentioned in the Scott sigler novella Title-fight. I’m listening this story now and it COULD BE my favorite novella story Scott has done…

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    There is also soccer…I believe it was a Quyth dominated sport, however.

    There has to be Rugby! Its so violent it has to be there somewhere.

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    We know that Baseball is still played (and it’s still boring as hell), as well as MMA-style fighting. There is also a Sklorno sport called “spot racing” that is mentioned.

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    Is drinking a sport?

    We know that the intergalactic races play football and soccer. Both of those are really big main-line sports.

    What other sports — particularly less common sports — are played in the Siglerverse?

    From what we’ve heard, it appears some of the races would have exceptionally disturbing competitive eating contests. However, does anyone engage in these contests?

    Just a thought. I’m not a sports fan in general. This kept me from reading The Rookie until I read everything else… and eventually starting hungering for another fix. When pressed, I claim Competitive Eating as my favorite sport. (I do find myself lingering there if I come across it on the TV.)


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