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What other novels/ authors are there

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    By Jesse Modic
    *Note* Herophilus- Herophilus is considered by many to be the father of anatomy. Although his means, rumour has it, have sometimes included performing vivisections.

    ‘Fine, I shall tell you of my work, my life, for those who care to remember. But I guess you only wish to know of the act I was incarcerated for. So I will tell you.’

    Bare breasts sprawled across the screen, inciting an intoxicated roar from the audience. This is what they came to see. The sight of naked skin perforated the thin charade of morality, allowing the festering truths to bubble to the surface.

    This sideshow of corrupted morality is but background to the performance which is about to commence.

    The television is set up in the corner of the laboratory, so I may glance upon the faces of those I seek to help. Still the sight and sound of this spectacle makes me wonder.

    How can you compare such a gifted member of the scientific community, such as myself, to the ideals you do not stick to yourself? How can you state yourself to be the better person if you do not stick to most of your ideals? Why are certain morals upheld by law and others not? Some see me as an immoral and disgusting blight on humanity. But that is the contemptible duality of science. Glorify the ends but vilify the means.

    I am persecuted for my ‘abhorrent lack of morality’ because I aim to better mankind. I ignore but a few moral strictures for the good of all.

    And You?


    You ignore morality when it suits your purposes, just as you ignore the mounting sins of society.

    Consider yourself. You pay your government to build weapons that kill millions. You deforest nations to advance capitalism. You endanger hundreds, no hundreds of thousands, by your simple lack of morality.

    Few are required to suffer at my hands. What I do is a necessary evil for the benefit of all. Am I a monster for this desire to raise our quality of life? I do it selflessly, I gain no pleasure from my deeds.

    I now gather and prepare my tools. I turn off the television. Sick of the vision it shows. The vision of human negligence.

    My friend who is helping me is worried. He does not seem willing to advance humanity at a personal cost. The fool. What is one life compared to the countless hordes to come. It is for the children of tomorrow. He resists the urge to be selfless. It is not as though I would not do his part if I could. But then again who could be trusted to do my part on this occasion. May be if I help him relax him he will be more willing.

    Morphine. 60mg or so should do it.

    “Here my friend, something for you.” My voice is calm. I try to distract him, but my friend on the table takes it for something much more sinister. At least the morphine will help him. That’s right sleep now, deep and untroubled. The bonds around his wrist have chaffed the skin. I did not mean to cause him discomfort.

    I am truly sorry.

    That you were in any discomfort before this procedure.

    But what you shall help achieve will be remembered.

    I promise it.

    My tools are sterile and ready. I grasp the scalpel’s hilt. Firmly. It is cool against my hand. I slowly carve away the skin over the skull. I must be able to see clearly so that I am able to cut into the brain without accidentally damaging it.

    I don’t wish to damage it.

    I feel there are parallels between me and Herophilus, the father of anatomy. Both of us performed our work on the living.

    Only to ensure the validity of the research.


    Hung for ‘beneficial’ research

    John Doe, 34, was executed on the 27th of this month for performing illegal and immoral experiments on living humans. When interviewed he did not deny the charges but confirmed them, stating, ‘The research I was conducting was for the good of all’.


    Glorify the Ends, Vilify the Means

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    I just want to see what else (if anything) there is that can hold a candle to sigler

    I mean hell the only thing I like anywhere as much as this stuff is myy own writting (but I find that releases tension more than is any good)

    Please include your own stories (they dont have 2 be sigler related [dont tell him i said that {please}[)


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