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What makes him "The Sigler"

  • “you got the case solved columbo?”
    “not yet, just give me a moment”
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    …BECAUSE you ARE a newbie. Nothing to sue. Even if you did, who would believe us? We are Junkies and Pushers of the Sigler Nation. We a good week.
    The Irishman from Ohio

    A few epis ago…. Sigler… damn man, NASCAR+Nocturnal…….. my girlfriend thanks you 🙂
    Yes, I’ma newb, so sue me……

    that’s all I need baby.
    For some reason I have ‘no bout adoubt it’ from infected in my head. And ‘it’s columbo!’.

    Of course, could be the mention of tits ("titties!") that’s making me blush, but either way, it’s good.

    Wrap your synapses around this one…
    From another author, you might have gotten this:
    “They walked up the steps and range the doorbell.”
    “They walked through the gates and rang the doorbell. After waiting for a couple of minutes, they banged on the door, and then left.”

    From Sigler we get “TITTIES!” Not breasts, Not tits, but titties, and some of the best dialogue I’ve hear in quite awhile. I’ve listened to that epi about 5 times, and their whole exchange is still cracking me up. I’ll be recalling snippets of their banter and smiling for the next 6 months. “Dude you couldn’t knock me out.” “That’s completely irrelevant.”
    Here’s another favorite: “That’s like, 7 seconds on the stairmaster.”

    Mr Biz-Nass has some of the best dialogue too. So here’s the question:
    What’s your favorite line, snippet of dialogue, or conversation so far in Nocturnal?

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