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What Kind Of Music Are You Into?

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    As mentioned previously by others, I have a pretty wide range of musical interests — mellow tunes for reading, classical for relaxing and sometimes to fall asleep to, rock for, well what else…rocking!

    Been listening to Sirius Satellite radio recently and am totally hooked on Alt Nation (alternative rock) — that channel turned me on to the english rock band Muse. Really unique sound but on a base of solid rock beats.

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    Progressive Rock (i.e. Porky Pinetree, Gemini Ritual, Abigail’s Ghost) and Alternative Rock, mostly. I like me some Jonathan Coulton about once a day to keep me centered after a scary Perry Dawsey podcast. Sheesh.


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    I have drifted from near mainstream rock classical as I got tired of the overly repeated styles in pop. Now I listen to more independents thanks to various podcast feeds.

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    Pretty much all Rock/Alternative is all I listen too. I Absolutly loathe Rap/Hip-Hop.

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    I love listening to anyone with technical expertise and a real feel for the instrament they are playing. There are lots of new individuals and groups all over the web. Some of the most remarkable are those who play folk music, Celtic and Country/Bluegrass. Fiddle, Banjo, Dulcimer, Harp and Mandolin, and of course Guitar. So many contemporary groups actually borrow from the sounds and harmonies from these areas , and they end up with those strange ethereal sounds. OH yes, I LOVE the hard sounds of Metallica. — ” exit light…..”

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    I’ll admit that I love a good slide guitar and a mean fiddle, but most country just annoys the frak out of me.


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    I love classic rock as well as guitar instrumental music (Joe Satriani, Steve Vai etc). Anything with a good guitar solo.
    And then of course there is Stevie Ray Vaughan, the greatest musician to have ever lived.

    I very much HATE, with very few exceptions, emo, screamo, hip-hop, rap, or Nirvana.

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    Country. Any of that twang country….

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    My favorite band is TooL, but I enjoy all kinds of music….just make sure it has some nice guitar riffs.

    Porcupine Tree, Metallica, Pantera, System of a Down, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Disturbed….

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    I’ve always been interested in music that’s a bit on the edge. Listening to PodCast music for the last two years has definitely given filled that need for me.

    My main favourite bands include They Might Be Giants, Jonathan Coulton, Chance, Amplifico, David Bowie, System of a Down, the Beatles, Johnny Cash… just depends on the day.


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    any kind of metal or rock some pop

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    Im honestly into any kind of music. I love techno music. I have gotten into country. I have always loved Classic Rock. Only things I dont like are Death Metal and Rap.

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    Howdy There Scott It’s Mark Your Favorite 0rphan Here! (or as you know me better as mysteriofan9) but anyways i know we’ve talked extensivly about are simmilair taste in music but im sure other people might be wondering what type of music/bands that your into? and i guess since i started this thread i’ll be the first to answer the question (anyone who reads this post please feel free/obligated to post what music/bands you like) my favorite band is Billy Talent theyre a candian punk band and incredible but some other bands im into are underoath,killswitch engage,system of a down,from autmn to ashes,senses fail,say anything,raconteursnorma jean,interpol,flogging molly,blessthefall, etc. pretty much any hardcore,altenative,rock, and metal now i know thats alot lol and everyone else dont feel like you need to post that much but im llooking at my ipod right now so….that kinda helps.

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