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What is the song at the end??

  • ┬áBand’s website is



    GirlCo: Quieter than ninja, faster than Sklorno, stronger than Ki, and more devious than the Quyth

    were do we download the song? i cant faind them anyware Frown

    Uncrowned – Waking in White Lights
    Nate Dogg… "life is hard. But its one helluva lot harder if you’re stupid"- -John Wayne

    hey guys,

    I’m new to posting on this forum (I am an OJ though)… i just want to know what the heck is the name of the song at the end of the infected podcast. I looked around in the site, looked around in the wiki, i even tried seaching by the lyrics, to no avail. please if someone knows just tell me…

    I know it is written somewhere but I CAN’T FIND IT…

    thanks in advance


    a scott-siglerian


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