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What Happened to our NFL teams?

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    The Indy Colts:

    Three stadiums after Lucas Oil, The Colts were absorbed into the PNFL owing to the first coach to head them to a championship and write a best selling book on faith and leadership. The Purist Nation found the teachings of Tony Dungy to be a perfect way to encourage humans of Earth to consider joining the Purist Nation. In fact many did, not just because of the legend of Dungy, but the perceived purity of the teams ever since. No matter who was coach from then on, the great great great grandson of Bill Polian always made sure to hire leadership that was as spiritually led as his team would be. The teams blue and white slowly gave way to an almost pure white uniform. The only vestige of the classic blue is now a mere swoosh of pale blue that resembles a shooting star led by a football and the horseshoe was reduced to what looks more like a waning moon, high on the shoulder pads. The name Colts remains as the history of the team is legend. In the last 50 years, the team has amassed no less than 8 championships including one invitation to play against a tier two team. They were beaten badly and three players died on the field of play. One play was never clearly determined if it was a legs hit or not. But the poise of the players earned the respect of the GFL and every year an invitation to play an off season, exhibition game against a GFL team is extended.

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    At Siglerfest we all sat around on Thursday and Sunday watching NFL football. Everyone was cheering their team on or rooting against their rival. We know what happened to some of the NFL teams. The Raiders moved to the PNFL and are now playing on Micovi. The Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburg Steelers stayed on Earth playing in the Tier 3 NFL. The Future Dark Overlord’s Lions moved to Thomas 3. But what happened to the rest of our teams? What happened to my Dolphins?
    There’s a mention to the Pacifica Dolphins in The Starter. Due to global warming were they forced to have a underwater stadium and move to the west coast or is this just another team with the same mascot? What does Danny Lundy the agents of some big GFL players think about his species being reduced to a mascot? Are the Dolphins considered not politically correct like the Redskins are now?
    What do you think happened to your college or NFL team? Maybe if we give some good ideas we can get Scott to give us a history of the NFL in one of the excerpts before a chapter in Book 5.

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