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What does it mean?

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    that because she wasn’t strapped in, when the plane “dropped hard” she actually became airborn for an instant – almost floating in mid air. Then gravity caught back up with her and she fell, face first onto the floor of the plane.
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    Oh, I see. You mean that because of the sudden drop she almost lost consciousness. The floor didnt hit her! (I know, that sounded ridiculous at the first place)

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    The plane dropped so gravity took over – hence the floor smacked her in the face, have you even gone over a hill/crest in the road pretty fast and you lose your tummy, or get butterflies, thats because your tummy does not move in pace with you body, just like when your trying to eat at 40,000 feet and the plane suffers from turbulence, you end up with food in you face. I hope that explains it.

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    “The plane simultaneously bucked to port and dropped hard. Sara felt weightlessness for a second. The floor shrank away, then came up fast and slammed into her face. Dull pain filled her brain like an alcoholic buzz. She couldn’t focus. She blinked a few times, tried to stand.”

    The above is from page 260. I dont get the following: Does it mean that the floor actually hit Sara on the face (which I find a bit weird) or that the feeling of weightlessness made her feeling dizzy?

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