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What do you think of Suzanne Collins having a YA book with so much gore

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    It’s the same way in the movie ratings. they get away with a lot more violence in PG movies than I would expect, but show a boobie and you get an R. Our society is f’ed up sometimes. then again… many a man has been brought low by the might vajajay. They fear us, Del.

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    Vaginas aren’t dangerous or immoral? Well…depends on how you look at it…they can be EXTREMELY dangerous in the right context…lol.

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    I have no real issues with gore in YA books – kids have always read adult horror novels, they play violent video games, watch violent movies, etc. And many kids experience actual violence in their daily lives. I feel like YA books have the ability (if done right) to put violence into a context that young people can understand and perhaps encourage them to analyse the motivations and consequences. I haven’t read Hunger Games, but I believe it focuses on issues of politics and class systems, and the violence is portrayed as a sacrifice that has to be made for their own survival and the survival of their people. Suzanne Collins is trying to make kids think about how the world around them works. I read The Shining as a pre-teen and I don’t recall it trying to do anything other than scare the bejeezus outta me. 🙂

    Where I DO have a major problem with YA books, is that we are allowed to expose our children to violence and gore, but are not allowed to expose them to sex. Call me crazy, but I would MUCH prefer my teenagers were exposed to nudity or consensual sex scenes, than gang bashings or aliens tearing people apart limb-from-limb. What kind of world do we live in when it’s more ‘healthy’ for kids to read about violence than lust? I mean, look at the censorship of The Diary of Anne Frank: kids can read about the brutal crimes of the Nazi regime and the abject terror this young woman experiences, but schools pulled the book because, in one short paragraph, she talks about what her vagina looks like? Really? 50% of the population has a vagina…they ain’t dangerous or immoral! And don’t get me started on the censorship of homosexuality. A boy can gouge the eyes out of another boy, but he can’t make love to another boy? Puh-leeze.

    Sorry to ramble, but the censorship of sex for YA audiences makes absolutely no sense. And it really gives me the shits.

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    At least once the Hunger Games start there is a good deal of gore. I liked her Gregor books too. Hunger Games is the best nonpodiobook l heard this year.

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