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What do you Junkies do for a living? How do you pay for your Sigler habit?

  • Sr. Instructional Systems Designer by day, College instructor at night, Learning Theory Podcast (see iTunes) on the weekends.

    Me too. High school, I mean. But I’m tyring to get a lifeguard job this summer. Which I don’t know how that’s going to turn out since the working age has been moved to 18, in some places here, or so I’ve heard. But darn it, I need a job and do not want to get a working permit! Such limits… 

    "Urban legends go well with parmesan and horror. In fact their name is conveniently one and the same: Stevie."

    Senior Systems Analyst/Computer Programmer/Project manager for a major Financial Services Company.  

     I have a 1 hour train ride to work each day . . If only I had more Sigler stories every day!

    i used to work logistics for the kc-10 flyboys at barksedale afb before they moved to mcguire afb. my hat’s off to you Sir. thank u for your service and sacrifice.ΔΔΔ

    Sheet Metal worker. I make Duct work for A/C systems in Houses and buildings. It’s kind of fun… Well I get to listen to my Ipod all day so thats a plus.  Hate is a special kind of love we give to people that suck!

    NOW that gets you some drop dead you bitch stares 

    Stalking Quentin Barnes…

    Im still in school

    But changed companys on Monday.  I know , I know, it’s still an annoying interruption at dinner and when you’re listening to the ontime episodes from Sigler, but now I call on behalf of
    Find The Children, a non-profit charity that really does some good!!……  so be kind when we call Smile
    *I’m the Rear Admiral but Sigler’s the Boss*

    It’s nice having the big pipe to the big "I" though… 

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK)

    Brother was a crew chief for F-4s and F-15’s….  Keep em’ flyin! 

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK)

    did’nt take you for a bean counter Wolf, not that’s a bad thing, just figured you for a butcher, with that viscious picture of you and all!

    I’m a staff developer for a financial company.

    Senior Network Administor, who watches screens for RED items and fix them. Most of the time I sleep or play video games as I work betwen the hours of 4:30pm and 2:30am.

    I am a UH-60 Blackhawk Helicoptor Crewchief

    I play on the internet and with my Ipod all day, draw a line or two in CAD. Now I’m working on 4 pm, Houston time.

    I’m a Chiropractor. The content will sometimes make for interesting adjustments if I was listening inbetween patients 🙂

    Numbers, numbers, counting, numbers, adding, counting, numbers, counting, numbers, adding, figuring, adding, whoops, subtracting, adding, adding, counting, numbers……..


    "Just shut the fuck up and do yer job, asshole!"

    so,,, that’s why granny ain’t been takin’ her naps here lately!!

    ah’m a welder;; aluminum tig mostly. custom column covers, architectual design and assembly. hobbies are woodcarving and fps or rpg on 360 while i listen to the latest dark ovalode’s latest rants and masterworx. Δ

    I wear a bunch of hats for a software company that sells document automation software (support, training, consultant, etc.). I love it, but I have yet to find a way of explaining what I do that is not deathly dull. The work isn’t, though – honest.
    I think, therefore I’m right. –Hugo Rune

    but never to kids only to the old folks home

    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT

    I am an illustrator and graphic designer, I’ve been doing it for a decade. it started as a hobby, and ended up as my career. I have worked as a head designer of local magazines, illustrating school books, done book covers and interiors, logos, advertisement, posters. That is one of the reasons I believe I got into Scott’s (Overlord Sigler) work; graphic design requires long hours sitting, and it was perfect to be able to listen to podcasts.

    All day, they tell me what they want to know, I find it, I will either put it into a "dialer job" or pivot out the needed numbers and send it on up the line.  I just do what they tell me to.  I listen to podio books all day while I’m working, unless I’m hungover like this morning, and stay home.

    My work lags behind cause I’m always refreshing looking for the new episode… When it finally comes, I find a dark corner to hide in while I get my fix, gets me yelled at…. I’m a mess!

    This missive brought to you by SynapticJam – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken

    Network guy… Official title is Sr. LAN Admin or some such crap… it’s supposed to mean that I take care of all the microsoft servers, email, applications boxes, stuff like that. But I’m also our second WAN guy doing routers, firewalls, Internet Access… all that crap.

    For those who know what I mean, our web site pushed 30Mb out to the internet the other day, it was huge…

    This missive brought to you by SynapticJam – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken

    I take care of the Servers and PC at my company.

    Leaves me lots of time to listen to Sigler


    These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT

    and Database Administrator for a little Fortune 10 company. Let’s just say that we deliver thins from point A to Point B, and we have one of the largest airfleets in the world.

    Chances are, you have bought products we deliver to stores.

    And since I am being sent across country to speak about Data Architecture, I am working on taking over the world before Sigler.

    On a clear disk, you can seek forever.

    That’s a kitten. He’s fuzzier and bigger, now. That picture is from this past summer.

    Aww thanks!

    Cute cat (dog? sorry, image is kind of blurry)

    “We may have days, we may have hours. But sooner or later, we all push up flowers…” -Grim Fandango

    i do battle with angry hordes of insects that try to dominate our planet. ok, i ‘m an exterminator but it pays the bills and allows me alot of fix time in my truck, that is listening to the evil genius while driving to my jobs

    I’m an engineer (hence you’ll note the poor spelling and writing skills in all my posts) and my current job is to make big press machines that then make Air Conditioners around the world. (So I think I could help with world take over in July).

    Yeah I pay for my habit. In fact with podio books I usually have the policy to wait until the end of the book before buying. But the great overload is one of the few authors I’ll pay up front.

    A Mathematician is a means to convert Coffee into a Theorem.

    I LOVE the quote you’ve got there!

    Currently relying on (and living with) the parental units to pay for my habit…although they are unaware of my junkie status

    “We may have days, we may have hours. But sooner or later, we all push up flowers…” -Grim Fandango

    i love the fact that he was in my city for over a month. Just kept on *bumping* into him. But seriously? I’ve got a new job at a local theater backstage prompting the actors. Hell, i do more talking than them.
    My thoughts this week: Waiting is an essential part of junkie life.
    John Barrowman has amazing teeth and he hugs well good. I love him so much. What a waste.

    I’m the assistant manager at my tango studio which means of course that i not only help maintain class schedules and keep up the finances, but i also help out with some of the tango classes (aka sex on hardwood floors).
    i whore my dancing skills out for you sigler. i hope your happy because
    Once a junkie, always a junkie.

    i found one six weeks older than this thread

    come on people out do me
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    you are desperate for a fix

    now the rules for this hunt are………..??
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    I LOL’ed when I saw your title …

    My wife used to work security at the Komatsu/Dresser plant in Galion, OH. Those things are like Tonka toys … I would LOVE to have one to play with for an afternoon.

    I work as a Driver Manager for one of the top 5 commercial carriers in the U.S.

    So, you could say that I tell people here to go all day long!

    There might be others….SCAVENGER HUNT Oldest thread.
    I have to do something to keep my brain busy…. waiting for Nocturnal #12
    It’s fun to go back and read stuff.

    I sub out to do almost anything construction, cept roofing and framing, mostly finish carpentry, have to fix those idiot framers walls, it’s called a square people, use it. gotta love backcharges.
    and for fun I build target rifles for people.

    The Beeg

    That’s right, I mold the minds of America’s youth. Into the image of Scott Sigler, of course.

    Howdy folks,

    I’m a Utility Technician for a small market television station up here in the great, white North of Maine. I’m one part “monkey-in-the-back-room-pushing-important-buttons-to-make-the-station-go” and one part “tech-guy-who-fixes-equipment-to-make-station-go”.

    Been doing this in Maine for the last 13 years now. I really dig my job.

    Thanks for asking.
    I am a masterpiece of self destruction

    Hey Sigler,

    I do research on people as a full-time university gig (look me up if you need any tips for your University types). I’m technically a bio-psycho-social research specialist, but that doesn’t look good on the business card.
    I also play bass for my band ‘National Beekeepers Society’ ( Another good gig without the benefits of good money…

    I am a head seamstress for a high end vintage reproduction lingerie factory. Most of my work is so over learned I don’t think about anything but being a junkie. I have even started to get my coworkers hooked.

    I have been many things in my life ranging from a bouncer to a mountain guide. Currently, and hopefully for quite some time to come, I’m a cartographer. It’s awesome, I spend all day playing with maps. So much fun

    Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

    I took a belly dancing class years and years ago, but never thought to combine it with fencing…… I can see it now….. and it’s scaring me.
    maybe a new villian for a story……

    then I got him with my chicken scissors. No need for my epee skills.

    best job i ever had was at a daycare center, they just don’t pay much
    more power to ya, darlin
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    IT Consultant / Software Engineer. Java (J2EE, J2ME, J2SE), C#/.NET, C++ …. Whatever the project specs require. Pays my toys and bills 🙂



    …do you ever get your belly dancing and fencing classes mixed up?

    “The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles.”

    I work for a evil mastermind and future ruler of the world.

    Who’s got two thumbs and works with Scott Sigler. *points* This guy! 

    You seem like a really interesting person to know

    i work in the creative development department at a local nursery. A junkie working directly with 3 year olds… Not the best idea.
    I’m also a high school student trying to become a med school student at the university with the 24hour dissection lab.
    I also teach belly dancing and fencing.

    Give me an Iiiiiiii
    Give me a Geeeee
    Give me an eL
    Give me an Eeeeeee
    Give me an aRe.

    What that spell??????

    Yes Techtard 😀
    Yes, I am an agent of satan but my duties are largely ceremonial.

    Techtards… do I know any techtards?

    “The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles.”

    Former helpdesk agent for several Internet Service Providers.
    Now i make my living fixing techtards computers.
    Yes, I am an agent of satan but my duties are largely ceremonial.

    ouch. telemarketing? Phone spam?!? I’m on the New York and federal Do Not Call Lists so I don’t get to talk to “your kind” very often, but if you do call me, just whisper “chicken scissors” so I know it’s you and we can plot the Sigler Syndicate’s next move.

    I am still telemarketing, but looking for something else. I don’t know what I want now. I worked retail for 22 years and that started out as a temporary job untill I could find something else. So in a hundred years I’ll still be telemarketing unless I get abducted by aliens or something. PLEASE?????

    I lift heavy bags around all day.

    “The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles.”

    So, what I do… mmm everything to make you have some water on your tap.

    I’m modeling the water network and planning fieldwork to improve… bla bla bla… I can keep going for hours.

    ah right also I’m doing it here in Bogota (Colombia, South America) yes! lots and lots of violence (ok not so much of it, but sure that I have my part).

    i am certified in secondary mathematics and in 8-12 composite science
    which means if it is a math class or a science class, 8-12, i can legal teach it.
    i am actually a very good math teacher who got certified in science (my undergrad degree is in geology) so could get this job that lets me surf the web when students do not have any questions for me (they work on self-paced curriculum and ask for help when needed) or need a test
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    Easy money, baby. Yeah, plumbers make more, but they have to work for a living.


    high-school chemistry teacher.

    Seriously. Or more accurately, I watch lab techs set things on fire, then report various results to the manufacturer of said burned stuff.

    I’ve been sick for 6 months so I work on not beeing bored, Sigler helps.

    Sneaking down stairs at 3 in the morning (hoping no one notices) and secretively selecting pay pal… Sorry could not resist.

    Stay drenched in blood brother!


    Well I spend most of my day trying to figure out ways of not doing more work. The rest of my working day is spent listening to well educated people trying to impress me with what they don’t know.
    It is amazing what some company concepts of DBA’s (Database Administrator) are. What we encompass is a bunch of MBA’s thinking they can use point and click to create a UBER database without knowing the mechanics behind them. When they finally come to the conclusion that they don’t know SHIT about systems integration is where I come in. Oh! The day dreams I have about implementing some of the death scenes you describe on them, give me a nice warm feeling.

    Stay drenched in blood brother!


    I have been a Fish Farmer for some 13+ years now. We grow from egg to 10gram then they get grown on somewhere else and end up in the supermarket. After so long its mostly autopilot so plenty of time for podcasts.

    I have a web design and consulting company in OKC, OK. Spend all my time trying to get shit done for clients that have no idea what i am talking about most of the time.

    I drive haul trucks (830E 240ton Komatsu) in an open pit mine in Wyoming. Where I listen to our Pink Pimp.

    I help at a hot rod shop, building custom rods and doing restorations. I also race motorcycles. But that’s not a paying gig

    “For Hate’s sake, I spit at thee”

    Security Officer by night, Arron runner by day.
    Being a junkie has cost me the going rates or a little less when scott1 gave me a discount when I register and had hosted at Go Daddy
    Being a junkie has caused my to buy many CDRs (curse you JCH for giving the give podcast episodes Idea) and buy several MP3 players that I would not have purchased if good quality podcasts did not exist
    and I bought the books

    im a student and im jobless……………for now

    I cut animals open….
    well actully thats my favorite bit out of it,
    its called school for animal care, and to learn more about those animals we cut them up…..Its fuuuun
    I heard at the endof this year we’ll be disecting a pig,last year we did cats……. XP

    I work for a utility company in a very small town. Not much to do so lots of time to feed my habit ! lol Also a volunteer firefighter.

    I’m tired of chasing my dreams. I’m just going to ask them where they are going and hook-up with them later.
    —Mitch Hedburge

    Is clearing the kitchen code for LPAR management of some sort?



    j/k I know you gots to make a living. Were all of the spam writing jobs taken?

    and automotive sales rep of 13 years….go figure

    Yeah they show commercials here in Canada in the summer when we are waiting for the penguins to fix the Igloo’s its keeps us from getting a little cabin crazy…lol

    That’s right I work for the Death Star….at&t. I work outside so I have plenty of time to listen to my different podcasts. Or Siglers stuff over and over and over and………

    Yep I make people “sammiches”…

    Kinda Like IT – But with LOTS and LOTS of Violence. Thats when Sigler steps in with the glass pipe.

    I give chemo 2 days a week and do telephone counselling the other two – in my world 2 + 2 seems to = 7 so I have the other days off! – so I can listen to casts and sleep and shop!

    well the customer was only 30 min from the terminal and Barrie, Ontario is about 90 min from the terminal…lol the poor guy didn’t get paid for the miles (I know its wrong to laugh at his misfortune but i’m sick and twisted) 😛

    I am gainfully and professionally unemployed after a year and some months of serving the retail industry. w00t for government checks!

    I am an engineer at a CBS affilliate in Cincinnati. So basically, I work overnights and get paid to watch TV. 😀

    For the side of good, not evil.
    Work on everything relating to security you see when you walk into your local bank. Vaults, camera systems, alarms, ATMS, teller cash drawers, that kind of stuff. And No I dont get to bring home any free samples.

    I cruise the highways ever so slowly (because traffic is backed up) and I look for my next one, who will be next (where’s that Dunkin Donuts again?). And then I find them and I move slowly up toward them (long line, why does everyone have to get Munchkins when I’m in line?) and then I get to her or sometimes him and I reach for her or sometimes him and whisper “Can I have a regular, sweet and light?” Her/His hand comes back, covers her/his mouth, she/he stifles a scream (Yawn) and begs, “Please, anything else?” I can’t help myself. I can’t. “Munchkin.” And then, and then its over. Sated, and I get back to my car, and I start cruising.

    Until the hunger builds again.

    Actually, I work in local government, and, when not listening to Sigler, I work on my unter-novel at JC Hutchins’ site. Dead Minus One continues the story of what happened in Russia after the nuke went off in Saudi Arabia. Not every scientist of Hitler’s ended up in America. Hell can be anywhere.

    Yup I have the easiest job of all. Most of the time I pass the days drinking diet coke, eating cookies. Oh yeah and I make people and products look DAMN good whilst I drink my diet coke. Ahh the joys of being a “prostitute of the art world” aka commercial photographer.

    -Copenhagen snuff is like a sore dick…
    You just can’t beat it.

    I program computers. Yawn.

    When I’m not busy having tea parties, I somehow manage to work 40 hours doing data entry and listening to podcasts and music. I wish the tea party gig paid. 🙁

    Me being a full time junkie and part time human, means If I can wear my head fones I’ll do what ever you want. (Except gay porn,i have to draw the line somewere)

    I’ve heard that doesn’t pay well, except in the blood of tyrants and such…

    Not Canada too! I didn’t think Canada had commercials! ;]

    Catch those bastards! Why don’t they just steal from Walmart like normal people?

    But seriously though, stealing from the general public is just wrong… on many levels

    But stealing from a faceless multi-billion dollar company, not so bad.

    Freaking fraudsters.

    I am considering a “suicide watch” job (as it were) at the moment!

    Poor non-english speaker! How far off the mark was he?

    No, I don’t podcast yet, but I’ve been considering… Yesss concidering.

    …seriously. In the past 10 years I have worked as a network/systems admin for a LARGE telecom/c-lec company, been in the internet baking industry as a network security/intrusion detection SE, a Named Accouts manager and then Server and Storage SE for HP, an EAM for an HP Enterprise reseller and now I sling IP Loadbalancing/WAN acceleration gear for Citrix and run my own consulting company…Oh and full time computer gamer and cracked out Junkie for Sigler’s tasty treats…wait a minute, that sounds really bad…

    I used to teach English at a private English school here to foreigners that would come to California to learn English and be immersed in our culture.

    I now use my current job as a flight attendant to fly around the world and visit the friends I have made in my previous job.

    I do the PodCast for my Unitarian Universalist congregation. It’s always fun mixing geeks and religion…


    Whole Lot of Nonsense PodCast –
    UUCSH Sunday Services –
    Follow Me –
    Pownce on Me –

    I’m a student. and I’m unemployed right now. go figure. And I listen to many other podcasts. Like JC Hutchins!! And Tee Morris!!

    I design electrical gizmos for a living (embedded system design, for those who know the lingo). There are these little music players from some company named for a fruit. My company makes gadgets that plug into, protect, charge or otherwise enhance these little MP3 players…like that idea will EVER catch on… 😉

    I have a lot of frustration with my disabilities at times and Scott’s books always pull me away from being in a bad mental state. Unlike some authors, I can never guess where his plots are going.

    s13cybergal, an OJ with a walker.
    You can’t forget that Scott!

    Those things rock. I am saving my pennies to get one. Any idea how much shipping to Ireland would be?

    I work for a start-up where I take a “Big” idea for a software product we want to offer and turn into technical specs for developers to work their magic.

    My fav story I have is I had a driver and his english was not the I told him that I needed him to pick up a trailer at a customer called Bayer. I asked him if he knew where it was and he said yes. Well my customer calls about an hour later and asks why the driver has not shown up yet. This customer is only 30 min from our terminal. I’m a little perplexed and use my best dispatch answer of “My driver called 10 min ago and had some mechanical problems I’m sending the next available driver” lol. Not even 10 min later my driver calls me and says “I’m here in Barrie, Ontario where do I need to go?”. I had to pass the phone off to one of the other dispatchers because I was laughing so hard

    One of Sigler’s Original Junkie

    I get to spend my day driving from store to store all over Northern California. So I have plenty of time to listen to podcasts.

    Media Planner. That means I take ads that other people create and decide how best to annoy other Canadians with them.

    Villa Nandes Photo Blog

    I get to spend the day creating strategies to thwart credit card fraudsters.

    All the mischievousness with none of the guilt!

    I’ve been testing software and web-based applications for over 10 years now. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

    I work at a CVS. Not plesant but it’s a job with pay. I plan to go back to school next year so that will change.

    I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Atlanta. In a nutshell, I teach chronically suicidal people how to manage their emotions so that they no longer attempt suicide or engage in any kind of self-injury. I’m in private practice and don’t take insurance, which allows me to shell out some bucks from time to time to keep up my habit.

    part time telemarketing, I am that annoying person that calls you when you’re trying to concentrate on the really intense, bloody, violent parts of Scotts stories. Sorry….

    I work for the county government so I get all the good holidays off! I moved closer to work so my commute isn’t as long, so my Sigler fixes last over more days! If it weren’t for these good drugs, I’d have bazookaed the hell outta I-35 by now!

    I’m glad they don’t make your tires bounce. But they sure do make MY last roommate’s tires bounce. She didn’t find them too cuddly, I guess.

    ….I love fluffy bunnies


    Do you do your own PodCast, or just listen to bunches?


    Whole Lot of Nonsense PodCast –
    UUCSH Sunday Services –
    Follow Me –
    Pownce on Me –

    I’d imagine that you give both directions and personal responses as well… Any neato stories to share?


    Whole Lot of Nonsense PodCast –
    UUCSH Sunday Services –
    Follow Me –
    Pownce on Me –

    Do you have any flex in your curriculum to add/use something like PodCasting, or is it pretty much fixed?


    Whole Lot of Nonsense PodCast –
    UUCSH Sunday Services –
    Follow Me –
    Pownce on Me –

    I program, interface with clients, and tell people what to do every chance I get. We are a small company with a focus on the financial industry and specifically hedge funds.

    We are based in West Palm Beach, FL and are always looking to hire developers and programmers – drop me a line if you’re interested 😀

    i work my fucking arse off for a boss who doesent give a shit
    the only way i get own back is to trip him up on health and safety as i am health and safety rep for union (uk not as strong as us thanks to Maggie )
    only escape is sigla while i work
    hi i am an original junkie
    and wannabe writer
    also mad dog lover (in good way) staffi pit bull terrier
    real name Stuart jeferies

    I work for a large outsourcing company running IBM mainframes in the UK. Audio dramas like Scott’s used to keep me sane on the drive home, though now I work from home it gets me through washing up and clearing the kitchen instead.

    I tell truck drivers where to go all night 🙂

    I am a hotel night audit, very boring, but no responsibilities whatsoever!

    Audiobooks be praised!

    Yeah, sounds pompous, doesn’t it? I live in Seoul, South Korea and teach English at a womens’ university. My mother thinks I’m a spy.

    And, among other things, I’m a Firefly evangelist in my spare time.

    Actually, Scott is the reason I get paid. I’m the creator of the “TRI-EYE PENDANTS”!!
    Scott had the Earth-crushing idea to market these bad boys on his new site. And I’m sure you all want to help Scott to take over the world by showing your support and buying a TRI-EYE PENDANT today!! This is but a taste of what’s to come. Pendants from each book have been designed and are due to be released by Christmas. Collect all of them and you too can say, ” I WAS THERE WHEN SCOTT TOOK OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!!! “

    “The Metal Man”, Skeet

    I help keep track of electronic engineering documents for the Military/Industrial complex.

    When I’m not doing that I play bass, make sawdust, and hit little white balls into ponds.

    – Winston

    I spend my days toiling away in a cubicle as part of a corporate IT Architecture team.

    Standing in the way of curing diseases is definitely right up there with creating packs of hungry lawyers and setting them loose upon the land!

    The ways of the Lord are often dark but never pleasant.

    I’m finishing up the last of three painful years as a law student in Texas. So I pay for my Sigler fix through student loans, with the occasional influx of cash as a library clerk. But one day soon I plan to aid Sigler in his world domination through copyright, trademark, and overall ass-kicking litigation.

    Due to still being in school, my only way of bringing in money is through my podcast, ( and by washing peoples cars and such.

    Target in the nashau mall…not really as bad as i make it out to be im friends with all my fellow employes and stocking shelves all day does pass the time. plus i met my girlfriend there….6 Months Today actually. It’s My first real anniversery.

    ~Do You Know How Many Birthdays There Are In a Year?…….Hundreads….Litearly..Hundreads,~

    I am currently unemployed, I am trying to get back into my degree field of Microbiology. It sucks cause I live in Michigan where there are no jobs. I spent the last 4 years not working in my degree field, partly because I couldn’t find a job in Michigan in microbiology and partly because I couldn’t leave Michigan due to an ailing family member. That restriction is gone since said family has more or less recovered. I am finding it very difficult to find a job right now though. Alot of the jobs posted on Monster and the like seem to be temp to hire positions and most of your temp agencies only want to hire local candidates because they don’t pay relocation. Almost have to move to the areas where the jobs are and then hope you get lucky. I am debating going back to school, maybe an Environmental Engineering degree and combine the Microbiology and EnvE into alternative fuels/bioremediation career. Vampires versus Werewolves in a browser based game

    I am an assistant professor of microbiology in chicago.
    bugs, Bugs, BUgS, BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have to extend a big thanks to a man who works for a living. Yes, I go to a job, and do stiff all day, and put up with stress, but truckers get to actually see the product of doing something.

    Thanks, man.


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    twanga twang twang twang twang twang twang twaaaaang (deliverance dueling banjo theme)

    Ahh… but I work for the pharmaceutical industry… where does that rate on the scale of evil these days?


    Whole Lot of Nonsense PodCast –
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    Keep an eye out for the caverns with the drawings. Although, in your case, I’d guess the historical preservation societies are there long before you are…


    Whole Lot of Nonsense PodCast –
    UUCSH Sunday Services –
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    Pownce on Me –

    In this case the man is an insurance company. I am a web application Code Monkey. I design and develop web applications in WinDNA and J2EE. If you understood that, you too are a code monkey. Rock on Sigler! oh and KILL ME!!!!!

    I work as a Systems Admin for a small manufacturing company in Alberta, Canada. Basically, if it has to do with technology, it falls under my jurisdiction here.

    It’s an alright job, though my eyes are always on the lookout for other opportunities. Although, one nice thing about my job is that it’s a desk one, so I can get my fixes in the comfort of my office chair. 😀

    I’m a software test engineer for Intel in Jerusalem, Israel.

    Smith and Wesson – the original point and click interface.

    I’m a legal clerk at a government Law firm. Thats right the 2 most liked things, Law Firms and The Government…………


    I am a student a Wolverhampton University. What am I studying? Computer Science (Games Development). That means I am learning to code games. It turns out I am actually pretty good at it too. As for paying for things I live off of my student loan.

    The mysteries of the universe are revealed when you break stuff

    I’m a Copper Miner in Tasmania.

    Still digging, hoping I never reach that Platinum core 😉

    I’m the webmaster for a law school. That’s right, I help create new lawyers, because the world just doesn’t have enough yet.

    Ok, mostly I help create new lawyers because they pay me…

    The ways of the Lord are often dark but never pleasant.

    WE TRUCKERS LOVE FLUFFY BUNNIES they dont make our tires bounce. just kidding Amy. Work hard, eh.

    I was an Electrical Engineering student at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, until I heard my first podcast. Since then, I swithed to Rad. Tech., to try to use X-rays to find where all the Sigler drugs go. Then I can pull them out of my patients while they are asleep and get a secondary fix during the week.

    I wish I was an antibody, and you were a bacterium, then I could blow you away with my completments.

    I’m a Comp. Engineer & Computer Science kid. Who really wants an internship with IBM or Boeing or Intel (they don’t want me)

    I program in VB.Net to keep running at Camp Randall.

    When I’m not there, the computer science or engineering hall is my second bed.

    ….I love fluffy bunnies


    Brian, OJ600
    I MOVE shit. I pick it up HERE, and put it THERE. BIG shit, LITTLE shit, HEAVY shit, YOUR shit, not MY shit, cause I’m not allowed to move my own shit. I have to PAY someone else to move MY shit. (truck driver)

    I am an accounting assistant for a private oil company and a belly dance student.

    I look at rock for a living. I am a recovering student, ie I have more dept then assests.
    I work in dog fuck nowhere in Northern canada. Ah the fun of geology.

    I am an engineering student at Boston University so that basically means that I am perpetually broke and doing something incredibly geeky. I do have a work study on campus but that money mainly goes towards supporting my gundam addiction …as well as paying for the random fees that pop up to try and take me down. But usually I have the power of persuasion enough to get others to contribute capital towards the future Sigler nation to my benefit.

    6’2 310 pounds of sheer muscle and brain… System Administrator of the gods.

    I write Visual Basic for Applications code for Microsoft Access, XL and Powerpoint. I make data dance and sing, baby. When I get a good coding day, I have time to listen to lots of ‘casts, keeping those parts of my brain not busy coding busy with other stuff.


    Whole Lot of Nonsense PodCast –
    UUCSH Sunday Services –
    Follow Me –
    Pownce on Me –

    Well, we all have to do something for a living? What do you do when you’re not listening to Siggie, or reading his books, or tracking down other PodCasts playing his work, or VidCasts showing adaptations of his work…

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