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What do we want in our feeds?

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    …though I don’t find it too difficult to deal with now. I use iTunes and an iPod, and smart playlists let me organise my Sigler stuff as necessary. More than anything, I appreciate the standardised naming of the feed items so I can use my smart playlists like that. [I think, therefore I’m right. –Hugo Rune]

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    I’ve no idea why our FDO has kept with a single feed for so long. I think it’s because he’s a tech tard 😉 It has to be seriously annoying to newbies when they hop aboard the Sigler express to have to sort out which book is which. I know it aggravated me a bit when I started way back when……

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    Hi Scott, 

    I hope you get this message and it finds you well. 

    I have been listening to you and your work for the longest time now and I really appreciate all that you do. It is a shame that the backwater that I live in does not benefit for having you be able to pop over and spread your new religion in person, but I do understand that there is a time and cost thing to take into account. 

    To get to the point, I am writing in response to your call for thoughts regarding extra content in your feed. 

    Personally, I like getting your rants and raves and hearing about the stuff that you are up to. I also trust your taste and so would be willing to give your recommendations a go.

    However, I think that you should create several RSS feeds so that we can choose what we subscribe to and manage our content that way. 

    One of the biggest issues I have is that my Nocturnal feed is polluted with all this other stuff. I would rather that you segmented your content into different feeds that I could then choose to subscribe to or not. 

    For example, I use a Zune for my destination device and the software has now downloaded all this extra and old stuff that I don’t want because it is still in the feed listing, the rookie, infected, rants and raves etc. I would much rather just have a feed for Nocturnal contain the Nocturnal Stuff. It makes it much easier to see when a update has been posted (on time and budget, 18 years straight).

    So as an example, I would create the following feeds: 

    • Nocturnal
    • Infected
    • Scott’s Rants and Updates
    • Scott’s Recommendations
    • The Rookie
    • Earthcore
    • Ancestor
    • Blood Cast
    • Fan Content

    This means that the content is nicely stored on my computer, in my Zune and additionally I can easily copy the complete book and distribute it to my mates as part of my effort to convert more converts to your cause. 

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to meeting you when you finally make it to Oz. 

    I woudl love to know what others think and how it impacts their listening pleasure.

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