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What do they use instead of cell phones during The Crypt era of Siglerverse history?

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    …and everybody else. My character is a civilian, and while he may have concerns about implants, his need to be connected outweighs them. So an occular implant sounds like the device I need.

    That answer leads me to another question, however. This comes dangerously close to a spoiler, so in the event that my story is featured on Tuesday Terror, listeners may not want to read this part. I’m doing what I can to keep people from reading it accidentally. Here goes:

    Did that work? Hope so. Anyway,

    Since the Planetary Union frowns upon implants, what would happen if a civilian with occular implants is forcibly conscripted into the Planetary Union military? Now that we’ve established that occular implants are exactly what my character would use, it would be a cop-out to not use them in an effort to avoid the narrative complications the ywould lead to. Which might actually be a good thing, because those complications might be horrifying.

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    If civilian, it’s going to be an occular implant. Imagine your smart phone, but the screen is your own cornea. You turn it “on” by looking up and blinking a pattern, turn it off the same way. This allows instant video chat with anyone in range. So short answer: cell phones are in your eye.

    Now some civvies are smart enough to know that a direct link to your brain, in any form, is a bad thing. I would have one. A cautious tech-wizzard like Cory Doctorow would not.

    If military, and in the Planetary Union, they frown on personal implants. The Union is behind the tech curve when compared to the League of Planets and the Prawatt Jihadd. The Union likes soldiers to be implant-free, but there are many exceptions. First and foremost, the “wireheads,” guys who have multiple cerbral implants so they can work ship systems at the speed of thought.

    So, if it’s a Planetary Union solder who is not a wirehead, probably has a pocket phone not that much different from what we have today. It would be a “palm-up holo.” Removable ear implants (like a BlueTooth headset) are common, but the Union military’s obsession with using easily removeable tech makes soldiers tend to avoid even those.

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    Who said anything about ownership of technology?


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    …the J-Plant was League of Planets tech, not Planetary Union.

    There’s also the palm-up holo displays that are used throughout the Crypt-timeline and the Rookie-timeline (like in the latest chapter of The Starter).

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    Quentin lifted the thing to dangle over his lips. He opened his mouth and started to lower it, when Virak’s phone buzzed loudly. Quentin set the critter down, pretending to be polite, as Virak answered the call. The Quyth Warrior’s eye changed from orange, the color of happiness, to pitch black almost instantly.

    “What’s the matter,” Quentin asked as Virak put the phone away.

    “Donald Pine is in the hospital. He has been attacked.” (Sigler, 2009, p323)

    You like that tasty citation? I had to dust off my APA Publication Manual for that 🙂

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    Would there be a system like that in use in the future?

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    The call gmork is talking about I don’t think had a “name” as such. They did say that everyone was on a “central holotank” so it seems like it was integrated into the holo-interfaces. But that’s 300 years after the Crypt, so it is probably more sophisticated.

    On the military side, in Passenger they use something I think they called a J-Plant, which was a communication interface integrated into the jawbone and the ear directly. Tapping on the jawbone in different manners changed frequencies and that kind of thing. This was used extensively in Passenger. so you might check there for behavior. The Crypt takes place some time after Passenger, though i forget how long.

    Again, that’s military. If you’re talking civilian, I can’t think of anything off the top of my head. I suppose it’s not unreasonable to assume that a J-Plant sort of device may be available, but maybe only on limited frequencies. Also on the military side, you might want to check out the Shonda Bible story at to see what they use to keep in touch between the different mechs.


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    Whenever Quentin Barnes watches old movies/videos, they’re always called holos… short for holograms. However I’m not certain the term is used for live communications as well.

    I know in The Starter there’s a point, near the beginning of the story, that John, Ju & Ma Tweedy are speaking via what I remember as some type of video call… like FaceTime on an iPhone. I can’t remember if it had a specific name (and it annoys me that I’m at work and can’t look it up right now).

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    The topic pretty much covers my question. My protagonist has to keep in touch with his employer over the course of the story, and something like a cell phone seems the most sensible way to do it. I can’t recall if such devices are ever mentioned in Siglerverse canon, and even if they are, I’m not sure where to start looking.

    I guess I could just call it something generic like a “personal communicator” and give it some nifty futuristic features like a 3-D holographic display or something. But if there’s already something that fills that niche, I’d prefer not to introduce new technology to the Siglerverse.

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