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What disorders does he have?

  • I’m thinking he’s simply suffering post traumatic stress disorder, the kissing is just a think he does to humanise the action, the giggling is just axiaty associated with the PTSD

    Don’t over think him he’s just a fucked up dude

    oooooh Interesting. I would love to see a psychological profile completed for several characters.

    But in regards to Kissyman, I never really saw him as insane. Maybe he’s got some anger issues but killing is his profession. He’s ruthless because it’s efficient. He’s good at what he does but has a compulsion to follow certain habits. I saw his “kissing” compulsion, after killing a perso, along the the same lines as Jules Winnfield’s (Samuel L Jackson) compulsion to recite a verse from the bible in Pulp Fiction. While disturbing, I’m not sure it’s enough to call them insane. Any other thoughts out there?

    Thanks for posting this, btw. Very interesting perspective to mull over.

    Hello Granby! Nice to see you posting on the site! I try not to analyse the characters at all, I just enjoy 😉

    I am a psychology student who is very interested in abnormal psychology and have the annoying habit of trying to diagnose characters. Kissyman is probably one of my favorite Sigler characters and I am very interested in his “insanity.”

    I would love to know if anyone else has thought about this. I personally think he has antisocial personality disorder, because of his profession and some form of obsessive compulsive disorder because of his kissing compulsion.

    (I’m not sure if those ideas are accurate though, I am only in second year.)

    Before you ask, yes I am a loser, but I am out of classes for the summer and waiting for my job to begin; so all I have to do right now is bug people and listen to podcasts.

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