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What books do you like? (non-podcast)

  • I’m a big fan of Frank Herbert–especially the Dune series. The prequels his son coauthored are also fantastic; very true to his father’s original work. Also a big fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs Martian series featuring John Carter. Finally, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke and Robert Heinlein. Then there’s Stephen King. I’m definitely a fan, especially for The Stand and the Dark Tower series.

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    and just thought of another favorite author of mine.

    V C Andrews. If you like fucked up families with dark twisted secrets, this one’s for you. Especially Flowers in the Attic. (The rest weren’t written by her, cuz she died.

    Some good ones are most if not all James Patterson books, especially the Alex Cross novels. Alex Cross novels have foul language and lots of violence, kind of like sigler. Harry Potter. Ender’s Game is interesting. A Jodi Picult novel called 19 minutes, great book.


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    I read all of Koontz (fast, simple reading). I second the Terry Pratchet, "Going Postal" was my most recent re-read.

    John Soul good for ghost stories. But the most recent read I enjoyed the most was the "Ring World" series by Larry Niven. After that, I would have to say a good vacation read was "The Chronicles of Amber" by Roger Zelazny.

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    Ever since I discovered the great phenomenon ‘AudioBook’, I haven’t read any books. The disadvantage of reading is, that you can’t do anything besides reading. Terrible for someone who loves to do 10 tasks at the same time.

    But before the big AudioBook Discovery, I loved to read Stephen King!

    Took me like a second to find out that it’s by Angie Sage.

    I love the Harry Potter books as well,  I started off reading them to my son about 8 years ago, I’d read to him before bed and he always fell asleep and I would just keep reading.  That lasted about 2 books then I just started reading them by myself.  I have now read each book at least twice and I read the 7th and last on 3 times.  I also like pretty much any sci-fi or horror books.

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    the sword of truth series by Terry Goodkind. There are 12 books in tota. So you’ll have something to read alright

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    Go to a used book store and look for books that are anthologies or collections of  sci-fi or horror or fantasy.  That way, especially when you’re on the go, you get lots of things to read all in ONE book, my favorite are the collections of the Nebula and Hugo award winners. 
    and…..Harry Potter!  no really…. I heard the first one being broadcast  over the internet about 10 or more years ago (some one was playing the audio book illegally, but that was before the websites were being watched as closely as they are now)  and then I stared buying the books and reading them….I LOVED THEM!  The books are SOOOO much better than  the movies were…. the movies seemed like shorthand.

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    you would like ‘magyk’ but wnt tell you who its by Tongue out

    what’s wrong with a bit of senseless violence to a lemming?

    they’re only going to walk off a cliff.

    Funny: Robert Rankin – the dood is doing asid and writing his trips down, thats probably the only way to say it

    Funny: Terry Pratchet – one of the rare guys who can always make me laugh (if you get it laugh) 

    Romance: Infected by some dood

    any of the above and if any1 likes cop books that have cool killing bits check out ‘the dying game’ and ‘Broken Angles’.  

    N8 i didn’t think you could read 😛 Tongue out

    what’s wrong with a bit of senseless violence to a lemming?

    they’re only going to walk off a cliff.

    A giant Harry Potter Uber Geek.

    The Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer is good.

    Stephen King, especially his short stories are great.

    But since I get motion sick no matter how I travel, I bring audio/podio books with me.  

    Sorry if this is redundant but I need to get some books to read on trips. Novels would be better. 😛

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