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Website Update 12/1

  • Yay! Thanks for the updates!

    Awww heyyy it sounds like you love them as much as we do. I hope the four of you had fun with this! Looks like fun! :o)

    Can you believe us annoying persnickety junkies … dot your “I”s, cross ur “T”s and never use two spaces after a period AKA ‘full stop’! Cuz we WILL call you on it? … yeah that’s right … overprotective persnickety PITAs! Because we care :o)

    Yeah, we know we’re a handful, but we only want the best for our FDO! Keep up the good work!

    Hey Junkies, we just did a quick push to address a few issues. I know there are still a few outstanding things that we are working on, but here’s what should be fixed:

    – Can now edit forum posts
    – Can preview user profile
    – Fixed multi-subscribe and multi-email bug when you are subscribed to a blog thread
    – Some fixes to library view (I know all the books aren’t there yet — we’re working on it!)
    – Reformatted forums — more room for user name
    – Misc cosmetic tweaks and improvements
    I’m sure I’m forgetting a few, but I think those are the major updates.
    We have two major known issues that we are hoping to nail by the weekend (forgot password is broken, and paypal express doesn’t work). We’re also looking at all your other ideas and feedback. Thanks for your patience and keep it coming!

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