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Web Page Design Question

  • Yeah, I’m more from the design and word-smith side of the house than the techie. (Although I did have the good sense to marry an uber geek). I did feel like Go Daddy was selling Drupal as a do-it-all website builder. But I managed OK. New knowledge is never wasted.

    I’ll look into the PayPal thing. That might be the way to go for us.


    About the plugin list… I could get you that, but i guess it wont do any good without some explaination. How about we meet on skype (or whatever you use, i am pretty much on every network) and I show you “around”.

    Overriding is easy if you know a little bit PHP and how web apps work. This module is KING: (in terms of theme development and overriding parts of it) – you HAVE to check out the screencast. How difficult? Depends if you have any PHP experience. I guest you will be fighting two battles at the samet time. Drupal and PHP.

    Space-Wise… Scotts page will take up some gigabytes. That includes the space occupied by the rather huge (plenty of comments and forum posts) database and the content (images). Small sites, say… 30-40 pages and low user activity should not take up more than 200 megs. That would already include some ressources like images or a movie here and there.

    Is it bloated? Maybe, but it does also provide a lot of functionality meant to be extended or used in custom plugins. I won’t go down this WP vs. Drupal road. Both projects have different goals and should not be simply reduced to a drupal is fat and wp is light.

    But then again, if you just need a blog and not a CMS – go with WP. This is where it really shines. But if you are curious how deep the rabbit hole might go, check out this site and watch some videos:


    I guess you come from a less techy background. In that case i can fully understand why your experiences with drupal were less pleasant. Recommending Drupal to someone like that – and advertizing it as “look, you can do pretty much everything with this, all by yourself” is wrong. In such scenarios I develop a solution ontop of Drupal and show my clients how to create new pages and get the content up and running. Again, see this more like a development platform not like a website builder. Both are very different products.

    I cannot recommend you any light store. The ones I know (eCommerce for instance) are rather complicated. If it is only about t-shirts and few other products, you should take a look at paypal’s merchant section where you should be able to get yourself a nice shop-form to be pasted (HTML-Code) onto your site. Gallerywise… Did not care much about that yet (or had to). I think I would either go with gallery2 and integrate it into Drupal (messy) or look for some nice looking modules which will do the job.

    And to be honest, it was a Bitch to get started. I’ve used several other website builders (Kentico, Mojo, Moodle, etc.) before and this was set up so differently it had me tearing my hair out. But I finally have things pretty much how I want them… except for the photo gallery, no store, well a couple of things.

    I’d love to know what you have installed here and if you have any recommendations for a simple “store” — really just to order some merchandise like t-shirts and allow people to make donations.

    Oh, in case you are interested, the site is (non profit — we use therapy animals to help people at the assisted living centers, elder day care, and some special needs children’s events).

    How much space does Drupal take? Some of the PRO-WP Anti-Drupal nutters have called it bloated. I know a lot of it depends on the modules loaded as well as media, etc, etc.

    How much space does the Sigler site (complete) take on the server?

    hhhmmm… SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK) #2 or 3 in crack hits (Special? Ain’t I just) Multiple S.H.I.T. Award Recipient! Double Dipper and Triple Threat! All-around uberjunkie!

    I’ve been doing some reading on the whole WP vs. Drupal debate.

    The overriding theme seems to be the complexity of Drupal. I’m a network administrator, not a web developer, so just how difficult would the learning curve be?

    At this time, my site is fine as a simple blog, but who knows what the future will bring….

    hhhmmm… SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK) #2 or 3 in crack hits (Special? Ain’t I just) Multiple S.H.I.T. Award Recipient! Double Dipper and Triple Threat! All-around uberjunkie!

    close guess though 😉 This site is running on the drupal engine wich is rather.. AWESOME! What sets it apart from wordpess is not being so blog centric as WP is. Drupal is more like a plaform which you can turn to serve as a CMS, a community portal, a Blog or even develop your own modules and use drupal in a API kind of way.

    Anyway, those widgets you are refering to are made by our Future Dark Overlord himself. So, yes those are text-widgets if you will so. You can create any number of those Side-Boxes and use arbitrary HTML code within them or even call Drupal-Functions.

    If you are still interessted in the plugins running behind this site, let me know. I’ll drop you a list of all things installed via PM.

    I will begin by bowing down and humbling myself for I am not worthy for you are legend!

    I have a quick question about the website.

    It looks like it is based on a heavily modified WordPress theme. Is this correct? If so, are there any special plug-ins or widgets you are using or are more happy with than others?

    For example, I really like the subscribe or be destroyed widget in the upper right. Is that just a text widget? Or is it a widget of another sort? Based on a plug in? And the rotating picture Free Audiobook widget in the upper left, any special tricks there?

    They’re just so damn pretty.

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