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We know Scott rides, anyone else?

  • I’d love to have a Superduke, but I really really want their RC8. It’s too much for me, so I’ll settle for the new Ducati 696.

    “For Hate’s sake, I spit at thee”

    Oh come on now, friends don’t let friends ride Harley’s! Cruisers are fun, allowing you allowing you actually see the country side you’re riding through. Not my flavor, but if you’re on two wheels you’re okay in my book.

    “For Hate’s sake, I spit at thee”

    Yes, I’m aware where VT is :). I’m not much for the I4’s, I’m a v-twin person myself, but I want to get up to the New England area. Spent some time in New Hampshire and it was real pretty country. Probably has some really curvy roads as well!

    “For Hate’s sake, I spit at thee”

    I have a Honda CBR 600RR… I just went out for my first ride of the year on 1/8/08 and my second on 1/9/08. That is kind of unusual seeing how I do live in Vermont. (yes, its a state in the US and is located in what we all call New England) Got to love a warm snap!

    If its got 2 wheels and an engine call it a bike and ride it! There nothing like it! Ride on brother…

    a honda express, many MANY years ago had kids and and gave it up

    the voices want me on a fat boy (so do i)
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    Used to do street but have given that up temporarily been doing dirt on a wr250, Next street bike am am kicking around are KTM superduke. Triumph scrambler or thruxton. Ducati t1000. Or another Buell had an M2.

    “Shakespeare said pretty well everything, and what he left out, James Joyce, with a little nudge from myself, put in.” Brendan Behan

    Never ridden a ‘proper’ motorcycle.. did have a Kawasaki AR50 though.. Would love to get a bike though.

    So Sig rides one of them motorsickle thingamabobs. I ride one too. My question is, ever done an iron butt? Ever consider doing a Jack Kerouac ordeal?

    `89 Hawk GT (red)
    `06 SV1K (blue)

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