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Waiting on More Crypt

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    @Jorthain: The bump is appreciated, and believe me, we are as eager to write this story as you are to hear it. I still see THE CRYPT as being my ultimate story, my final legacy when the demons come to collect my soul (I really should have gotten more for it than a bag of Doritos and a Chocodile on a 3am drunken rampage).

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    Seemed like this needed a bump; still waiting patiently for more The Crypt installments…

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    The Crypt is great…I hope that you can get back to it…soon!!!
    Now if one were to listen to the Crypt and then read Lovecraft (or vice versa), one might burst into flame, be completely immolated, leaving only ash and strange symbols etched into the floor. Then the unwary might find those symbols and…
    As I said, great story! I’ll be sure to read your other works. Carefully read your other works.
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    Hi all. New member.

    Big fan of Infected and Contagious which I bought in dead tree form…now I’m plowing through the Washington DC storyline of the Crypt and seeing that there isn’t more planned for quite a while. Bummed.
    Ah well. I see there’s much more Sigler to read in the meantime.
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    i need more of book two what i found Wikipedia

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    I’m a relatively new junkie, having gone through The Rookie, The Starter, Bloodcast, and Earthcore. Thoroughly enjoyed them all.

    Today I finished Crypt Book 1 & the two entries in Book 2 linked from the Siglerpedia. Really enjoyed the character setup and like everyone else here I’ll have my head down waiting until we get more Crypt stories. Good thing we’ve got other new stuff coming meantime!
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    Late this year(2012) is far too long, but everything that’s coming up before is also quite good. I am torn, and excited, but mostly I just want more CRYPT(and more of everything else, really. When is that cloning thing going to become viable?)

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    Cryptmas has come and gone with no new Crypt stories, I can wait, but hoping that it is sooner rather than later.

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    I’ve relistened to the crypt, bloodcasts, infected, and about to redo ancestor….Once i found Sigler, I consumed all that was available and am now in withdrawals…..but relistening ( I love how sigler tells his stories – something about that voice….) is at least a gratifying alternative…

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    i need more im starting to scratch……orange centipede?

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    I need more crypt !!!!!!

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    and re-listen to the Crypt as well…

    Can’t f-ing wait for more Crypt!!!

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    What ever happened to our little Squirrel eating ancestors?

    The Books of Sigler that i Own: EarthCore(2005) | |Ancestor(2007) | | Infected | | Contagious | | Ancestor(2010) | | The Rookie | | The Starter | | The All-Pro | | Blood is Red | | Nocturnal (Pre-Order) | | {+ I bought a copy of all the above for my dad

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    Ok then how about when will Tuesday Terror be back so people can maybe write fan-fiction about THE CRYPT

    The Books of Sigler that i Own: EarthCore(2005) | |Ancestor(2007) | | Infected | | Contagious | | Ancestor(2010) | | The Rookie | | The Starter | | The All-Pro | | Blood is Red | | Nocturnal (Pre-Order) | | {+ I bought a copy of all the above for my dad

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    It looks like you covered all of your…..nevermind you accidentally forgot to mention “DESCENDANT” So is there any info on “DESCENDANT” like a possible time of release? Just curious on when you might be planning on working on that particular novel.

    ……….JUNKIE 4 LIFE…..I’m MR. T’s brother from another mother, you can call me MR. M…..1st time Pusher…..NOCTURNAL (Rewrite) Byron Metz (as “Baldwin Metz,” medical examiner for San Francisco police)…..GO KRAKENS!…..and as always Have Nice Day…..

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    … it’s a long ways off. Won’t be until after NOCTURNAL, THE MVP, PANDEMIC, and probably at least one more short story collection. We’ve got a publication plan, using the stuff that’s already written (or in process) to speed the process. For THE CRYPT, anything you haven’t heard isn’t written, so I have to finish all that other stuff first.

    And before you even ask: yes, EARTHCORE is also on the list, also after all of those others listed above. And yes, I need to rewrite EARTHCORE before we put out MT. FITZROY.

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    Combat Cook

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    — Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

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    Must not be at the front of scotts plan for world domination just yet

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    Yeah relistening to The Crypt. When will we get more. When will the Mini-series start.

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    I’ve bought all the books and listened to everything I need a new shot of Sigler. Pandemic Crypt anything. I was amazed when on my first (and only) trip I saw Scott’s book in New York and it was one of the things I will always remember one of my favorite authors made it so I WANT MORE SELL, PODCAST SOMETHING MORE

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