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VR/AR Gone Wrong

  • I have already read a very similar book: Feed, by M.T. Anderson. It basically has the same premise, but less developed in the “brain hijackers” area.

    Nice!, I buy that😊

    I’ve actually started working on a novel based around this premise. Not-so-distant future. A chip implanted in the brain allows you to turn on/off a meditative state through tactile activation and voice commands. Primarily used as a way for the brain to interact fully with POV videos, both pre-recorded and live, so that people can experience everything from everyday life through once in a life time activities through the eyes of someone else (fully, with all 5 senses receiving input) with the most popular genre being adrenaline rushes. A rogue group of anti-tech terrorists figure out a way to hijack the brain through the chip implants and control a subject’s movement. Said rogue group begins a campaign of assassination via suicide against the most popular “streamers” (those who allow others to tune into their life) and eventually escalate to high-profile political assassinations. Title: Vicarious.

    I’ve been working on this for 3 years on and off. Hopefully I’ll finish it someday.

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