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Video Game Music

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    a little specific stylistically, but very cool. And of course, I second the Halo and HL2

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    All the halo music compositions

    Very funny, Scotty. Now beam down my clothes

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    The Bioshock soundtrack, oh and Half-Life 2 soundtrack. I also like p0rtals if you can even call it music, more like sounds. Also the vintage nostalgia songs from Bioshock and the Fallout games, even if they arn’t original for the games. Still awsome though. Oh and as close to retro as i get would have to be the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World The game soundtrack. heh heh

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    I find these days the quality of game music is on par if not better than movie scores.

    I quite like the trailer music that is done by two steps from hell (slight tangent there)

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    Has to be Xenon 2 megablast on the Amiga classic!!!

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    The Final Fantasy games always had fantastic music, as did Chrono Trigger.

    One of my favorites that never gets brought up is Shadowrun for the SNES.

    The score for the Gabriel Knight PC games from Sierra are amazing as well, especially the 1st one.


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    but halo has an excellent score. i know there are tons more, but nothing comes immediately to mind.

    you should check out though, if you haven’t already.

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    It doesn’t really have a “score”, but the game soundtrack is made up of tracks from The Crystal Method’s debut album, Vegas.


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    As I hope to later in life become a composer, I’ve recently started paying more attention to video game soundtracks (as a possible career, and also just for fun). Does anybody have any particular favorite video game scores that they would recommend?

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