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Veterans say "thanks" back atcha

  • I also spent 10 years active Air Force, and want to thank  you for your kind words…   For some reason, hearing the Star Spangled Banner means more to me than it did before I served, and from the sound of it, it means something to you too.  Thank you again. 

    This missive brought to you by SynapticJam – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken

     US Air Force Vet here


    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT

    “…we need our troops to prevent any jackass with charisma and weapons from trying to take over…”

    Don’t tell me you were going to take over the world through non-violent methods. When I signed up to be your director of propaganda and new shoes, I fully did NOT plan on sitting around a campfire and getting our Kumbay-ya-ya’s on.

    Yer the best, Sigler. A sick mother fracker, but the best sick mother fracker there ever was.
    Tastes Like Chicken

    The silent majority of Americans know where our bread is buttered. I get to spout off whatever is on my mind because of the veterans who protected our nation. Trust me, living in San Francisco, I see a large portion of the population that really has no clue how violent the world is, and how we need our troops to prevent any jackass with charisma and weapons from trying to take over. Armed Forces and the police are the front lines of our culture. Humanity has proven time and time again that where there is weakness, there is someone who will attack that weakness.


    Thank you for thanking us. We appreciate your recognition.

    I enjoyed my 10 years in the Air Force and am glad to know I had a teensy part of protecting the free speech rights of “douchebaggy best selling authors” to entertain us with LOTS and LOTS of VIOLENCE.

    Really man, thank you for entertaining the masses and thank you for recognizing the sacrifices of our brothers and sisters in uniform.

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