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Using your own broken bones in combat

  • When I first heard the podcast of the snapping bones, ugg. Freakin Genius!!!

    I only drink the blood of my enemy’s!!! And occasionally a pino colada…

    Hmm, sounds interesting, I’d be intrigued to read this book now as I’m vastly curious about what would drive someone to do that. Despite the pain, bloodloss and inability to stand they still did it? Utterly crazy so I want to know why 🙂 Thanks for spiking my interest.

    Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

    a friend of mine lent me her copy and I had a hard time putting it down. Great story, very well written, and it has possibly the greatest line I’ve ever seen written in a novel.

    the trick to staying sane is to just out-crazy the world

    Do your own teeth count, if they are left in the other persons fist?

    It does depend on your frame of reference. Sick and twisted compared to many people I know. Since none of them are junkies, I do see your point!


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    I’m not so sure about that. We have some sick fucks. I haven’t seen any graphic injuries in your avatar yet.


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    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED when he did that!!! Of course, I am a sick and twisted individual.


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    figured some might care though so i thought i’d help out

    …..but it didn’t post for some reason. Fixed now


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    …you’re right – sorry…

    (However, the referenced action is only a tiny bit of what goes on in the story, so by no means have you heard it all).

    might want to label spoiler in the book you reference 😉 way to give away the ending

    Hi Scott,

    Do you know Josh Bazell’s “Beat the Reaper”? It’s a novel about a WitSec retired mob hitman working as an intern on a hospital in Manhattan. Great humour and action, but here’s the prize:


    In the final chapter, the hero defeats his enemy by stabbing him to death with his own fibia – only just removed manually by slicing open skin and muscle on a sharp edge and then grabbing through muscle and tendons and breaking the bone off close to the ancle by smashing it against a table and twisting/pulling the bone from the tendons at the knee!!!

    I just read the story and Title Fight sprang to mind with The Heretic stabbing Korak the Cutter with his own broken leg – fantastic story btw 🙂

    How did you come up with the idea of using your own broken bones as a weapon? I mean, it’s not something you hear about that often (like nevah)…


    PS. In one of the reviews of the book mentioned, you are actually mentioned by name, when listing which authors spring to mind when reading the book.

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