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Update on Operation Cosmo Promise

  • I guess I gave up on it too early… I kept checking for a while, but didn’t see anything new. The next time I checked it wasn’t responding, then the next thing I know whatever it was is over!

    Eh, oh well…


    sounds perverted..

    Glad it was a success and that the Overlord’s thirst for havoc has been temporarily satiated.
    $DO || ! $DO ; try
    try: command not found

    did not notice that

    the voices are in hysterics as to what this could imply about our overlord (DAMN HIM)
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    Certainly. But onto evil overLORDs, Wahey!
    My thoughts this week: I’m going to fail my exams this month… Proved by starting the week with a D.. In maths. Mathematics! This is someone who rarely gets below 90% in maths. Not good.

    Congratualtions Junkies!,


    The mission was successful. We raised over 100 dollars and bough Scott the Orange Box from Valve! We will have to do something like this next year. Always gotta please the evil overload 

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