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UK Sigler Day in 2011?

  • Road trip through the chunnel!

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    and have it on one of those dates?

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    sorry, no, by we I meant wife and me 😀

    Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

    I don’t remember… but you can tell me again?


    I pretty much figured on following the goings on (like some damn creepy lurker) and turning up if I could. However, since we were taking about New Zealand Uni’s last night…

    Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

    will show some interest in this now that the holiday’s are nearing an end..


    and if you are able, then we wouldn love to see you there 🙂


    Shifting tides of employment (not sure where I’ll be working) and my wife is applying for PhD’s (not sure what country we’ll be in) so understandably reluctant to commit to anything 😀

    Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

    My brother was supposed to be getting married this August, but he’s just been made redundanct over Christmas 🙁 so the wedding is off for a while too.


    However my dwindling market seems to have stuffed that idea, so I’d be up for wherever and whatever, let me know a place and a time and I’ll come show some luuuuurve, or death either one.

    Would have to be somewhere with a good few pubs about though


    2011 is looking to be quite up in the air for me but would be cool to come along. No idea if I could make it or not though Undecided

    Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

    That’s 3 of us.. plus a possible Shady & family…


    Let’s get a kick-ass pandemic tour. Let’s show Scott how we do it and he’ll come back… hopefully.



    I’m thinking – Let’s get pissed FOR the FDO!!


    Video streaming? Would be cool if you could figure out a 2-way (oovoo or something) and let the other non-UK Junkies watch. (We like to watch…)

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    and I’m on the West coast of Scotland.

    Regarding where to go, who lives furthest up in Scotland? We could be looking at a location around Manchester area possibly?

    if there were enough people?!

    • I’m thinking body art to honour the FDO (Triangles, ripped limbs etc) and I know a shit hot Make uo artist who might be interested in helping on the day – she specialises in horror!
    • Drinking games
    • Readings of you fav sections of the book
    • Junkie awards!

    If we have enough peeps that want to stay over I could look into booking a hotel overnight and try and secure a deal for a group booking.

    So now I’ve started the ideas – what do you think?


    So, the US has Baltimore 2011 and Dragoncon 2011 etc – what do we have? A big fat nothing!

    So how about us UK junkies get together and show the FDO some love?

    Who would be interested in coming to a UK siglerfest day? Post your ideas and locations (somewhere central is good as we have Junkies from Scotland all the way down to Cornwall).

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