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UK Junkies Unite

  • — Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

    … and that’s fine by me!


    I’m an OJ and I live on the 3rd rock from the Sun!

    Hope that helps…

    But I agree with what you say, the english have no business being in Northern Ireland and really we should leave well alone. I live in North Wales but was born in Watford however my family is pretty much of welsh decendance. Well to be technical my Mothers family is of Irish decent and my Fathers is Welsh decent, so I’m a bit of everything.

    I was born and raised in Belfast which is debateably part of the UK. I say debateably because we’ve spent the last 40 years or so having an intense and drawn out conversation about that one. While some people fully believe it is part of the UK and started the whole ‘Ulster says NO!’ thing (which is frankly ridiculous because 1/3 of Ulster is already in the Republic of Ireland, I’ve always believed they meant Northern Ireland says NO! which would be more accurate but doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as well. I should point out that Northern Ireland and Ulster are not the same geographical area, a common misconception. NI has 6 counties but Ulster has 9) there’s a fair number of people who disagree with that sentiment. Despite being raised in area where Ulster said NO in the strongest possible terms I disagree and would rather like to see my country whole once again (though current economic climates slightly colour my view on that right now), essentially I consider myself to be Irish, not British.
    The quandry then appears when you realise that since I was born in NI I can actually claim dual citizenship. Technically I was born in a disputed area of land that counts as UK only because a marauding Empire of Englishmen invaded it so long ago as for it to be a moot point. Essentially if you are royalist, I’m from the UK, if yuo aren’t I’m from Ireland. As I said, I count myself as Irish. If it helps at all I live in Scotland.
    — Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night


    Shit happens!

    Get over it!

    Just have a feeling there should be more of us is all

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    Come on has to be more of us out there! Oh Necol good luck for this afternoon but I’ll be cheering Wales! Laughing

    aka nilling


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    Just so I have an idea, apart from me, who else is from the UK?

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