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UK iTunes – Contagious now available

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    Just downloaded fine and left a 5 star review for the masses.


    That cheap bastard Sigler didn’t sign my copy or include me on the OJ list. I fear a Schism with this continued neglect. This is Europe we expect a French Pastry and an Expresso just to get up cods sake.


    We will see when the powers at iTunes wake up from the new year and release the reviews. Probably won’t count to any bestseller listing but at least it might the next customer err victim.






    Excellent. Narrated by the author with real passion.


    After the chicken scissors debut in Infected Perry goes completely off the rails. Just as good when Dew and the team are faced with an exceptionally devious orbital opponent who brings death and destruction with calculating calm. Its rare that a fiction book can draw me into the storyline, in this case its difficult, real difficult, not to fast forward to hear the outcome. Highly recommended.


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