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UK included in the next FDO tour?

  • in his honour?


    I’d deffinatly be up for some pub crawl action!

    Yeah When are we getting a state visit from the FDO, i have no problem puttin you up in my parents house for a few daysWink

    Plus if you’re planning on world domination then you need to establish yourself here too….. UK junkies can only do so much we need some support from the topLaughing

    Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, mostly because I left New Zealand for the UK right before you arrived in Australia (and there was much gnashing of the teeth about that).

    Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

    Scott, when are you gonna get your butt on over to the UK? How about the next book tour? You have a lot of UK Junkies who would like to meet up, buy you a beer and get their books signed.

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