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Typos and other errors (Post here)

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    It seems that Pvt. Climber was shot by a .308 caliber hunting rifle at fairly close range and that the bullet didn’t hit bone, but the slug was found and pulled out of his shoulder by Dr. Harper.  The .308 (7.62×51 NATO) round is a pretty damn powerful round.  It is one of the most commonly used rounds by military snipers, and it is known for its penetration and accuracy at range (it is also an excellent hunting round).  I know that this will seem like I am nitpicking, but I have a difficult time believing that the bullet wouldn’t have passed completely through Pvt. Climber’s shoulder.  Especially since it didn’t hit any bone.  In the same scene that Pvt. Climber was shot another of the soldiers has his brains blown out by what seems to be a longer ranged shot.  I know that the FDO strives for accuracy in all his undertakings, so I felt it was my duty to point out what must have been an editorial oversight.

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    I saw a few, but my head just corrected them.

    thanks to the incredible story being drawn out. 

    so does someone win if they find the most typos?

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    on the site, Nocturnal episode 2 is missing.


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    actually, I found several, but only one of significance. When Chelsea and her family are at her house with Mr. Jenkins and some others, it says five people are in the room (not counting her) but there are actually six.

    There was a "he" for "the" somewhere, and "at" for "an" I think, and maybe 2 otheres. That’s all I found. Totally missed the Alverez/Hernandez thing.

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    Contagious countdown is spelled coutdown 

    -The OSU vs. Michigan game. 800 years of tradition and the rivalry is still strong as ever

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    Obviously put into the book to embaress the FDO by some random typesetter, and missed by the proof readers.

    In the chapter where you introduce the abilities of the advanced fighter, you mention that it can take on a batch of M16s for breakfast – that should be F16s. An M16 is a rifle, the F16 is a fighter. Again, it is obvious that some typesetter screwed up. It’s so hard to get good help these days.

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    He served with both a Marty Hernandez and a Marty Alvarez. Strange how that works out, no? At least we know Pope Siglericus XXX did not make a mistake …

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    When Dew is telling the story from back in the ‘Nam, he starts off talking about Marty Hernandez and finishes talking about Marty Alvarez.

    Fortunately the FDO has several ways to explain this away.

    1) Dew’s memory isn’t as good as it once was.


    2) Dew actually concocted the story for Perry’s benefit, to get him closer, but didn’t keep his story straight in his head…

    We all know it isn’t:

    3) Scott fucked up. He makes it clear that he is always on time, and never makes mistakes…

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    I believe I’ve found two typos so far, and I’m only on page 280. I can’t remember where the first was, but the second one is halfway down page 273.

    "But Dew, that woman … it’s going to he horrible."

    I’m pretty sure it should be "be".

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