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Twainy's Rant

  • @VanDamage: In PANDEMIC, she faces several difficult situations. That’s all I can say for now regarding your take.

    I think Margaret would be much more interesting if she were in a situation were she got really hurt and then was coping with that whilst trying not to shut down into herself, I think her sarcasm would have much more of a bite to it then.

    That was wayyyyyy too much to address in one reply. Short answer: you will not be disappointed with PANDEMIC; Margaret might surprise you; I simply don’t have time to record all of my own books and we need to get those titles into the Audible store so they can start making money for us.


    Tawiny posted this somewhere else in the forums, and since it contains spoilers I moved it here:

    I give away plot info in this post so don’t read it if you haven’t finished both of the previous books (Infected & Contagious) sorry but I didn’t see a Pandemic forum in the Book section. So, let me get on with it!! HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET ME TO EVEN REMOTELY LIKE ANY OF THE SURVIVORS SINCE YOU KILLED OFF THE ONLY TWO LIKABLE CHARACTERS!! (I just finished my first complete podcast listen of the first 2 books, clearly too lazy to download my audiobooks from the cloud & I’m once again riled up by that ending! BTW – great Q&A) First you killed off Amos, right when his bickering relationship with Otto was beginning to take off & become interesting, then the two main characters who were just starting to grow & form a relationship! Tell me, if you hadn’t killed off Perry, were you ever going to give him a Woody? There was a lot of talk about his chances! LOL Killing off Chelsea was epic! But I doubt you’ll get me to like Margo, I’ve felt too much indifference & distaste for her, she’s SO annoying! WHY DIDN’T YOU KILL HER!!! Otto has potential if he kills Margo. Murray, Gutierrez, Vanessa felt extraneous. SO I am excited to find out how you are going to get me to even remotely like them. I imagine you could jump ahead ten years and dive right into pre-existing relationships & do a few flashbacks? I AM STOKED! I LOVE THE IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE & I KNOW YOU ARE UP FOR THE TASK! Heck! You made me like a giant football spouting crazy monster of a man & a crotchety seasoned old fart killer (coma placement at your discretion), so it’s obvious that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! This is going to be GREAT!!! I almost look forward to that more than the alien/zombies coming my way and you KNOW how much I love zombie books! Will the FDO be reading the Pandemic podcast or has all the platinum gone to his head? HA! I might be booed but I like Gaiman & King reading their own work too! I will miss his voice if he dips into the Crib’s coffers to pay an understudy to do his duty. Thought tangent – You have a lot of books out that Junkies are demanding sequels to, are there any strait up new novels brainstorming through your head? If so, do tell, please! Keep writing, love your stories! Miss everyone! Sorry so long! x x

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