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  • Hey Sigler you motherfucking FDO bitch!!!!!

    Here in the land of OZ I finally got my first taste of the Tuaca TAINT!!!! On Boxing Day!!!
    You are a motherfucking bitch!!!!
    I’m on a bender thanks to the Tuaca Taint! What a fucking delicious fucking sneaky fucking drink the Taint is!!

    But so sad… I hear they have stopped making the delicious Tuaca!!!

    This MUST be remedied! I may have converted my wife to Siglerism thanks to Tuaca! You must forced the makers to bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tuaca Taint! Recommended by Cool Currents, VLBoom and all other worthy followers of Siglerism in the Great land of OZ!!! ERK I know you aere reading this, we went to Penrith High together in 1987!

    Come find me, I’m still in the same area! VintageFM 87.6 keeps me alive when I have to listen to the Radio!!

    Sigler we met at Parramatta in Sydney when you left your bag in the bar when it was time to leave, long hair, pony tail! Merry Christmas mothafuckas!!!


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