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[True story] Balls

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    It could have been worse,
    It could have been my dick with a tick on it


    Way to go Bubbah!!!

    (whispers) chicken scissors

    Shitter Shitter Dicker Pricker

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    Brazillian Pee Pee Fishies….

    Insert shiver up spine here…..

    This missive brought to you by SynapticJam – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken

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    i kill bugs for a living and i’ve learned over the years to tape my pants up at the ankles whenever i treat a house or yard for fleas or ticks. got to protect the jewels brother

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    Pretty good… Nurture that twisted side of yourself…

    This missive brought to you by SynapticJam – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken

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    be careful about getting a terrestrial based infection. Those critters can be nasty.

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    hope it didn’t leave eggs
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

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    I freakin hate bugs. The really tiny ones that have no obvious point of existence to people like me. Nice writing style, kind of narrating your thought process.
    My thoughts this week: Waiting is an essential part of junkie life. I freakin ROCKED that maths exam!

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    very disturbing..

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    So, this is actually a true story which I wrote up a long time ago, a couple of weeks after Infection ended. I apologize in advance for any errors, seeing as English isn’t my first language:

    I had just finished listening to Infection. I listened to the most of
    it while watering the half-dead plants on my vegetable plot outside of
    town. The stench of wet, decaying organic matter really helped the
    It really had an influence on me. The next day I blew an innocent,
    but weird looking rash out of proportions. But it subsided and I was
    happy once again.
    Not for long.
    About three days after finishing Infection, I was working at my
    computer, and absent-mindedly scratch my penis. After a second or two,
    I realized that it felt weird. I was a bit hesitant, but after hearing
    about a thinking disease, one tends to be a bit cautious. So I checked
    it out.
    On the backside of my penis, about two inches from the top, was a
    growth. Okay, maybe not a growth, but a small yellowish-white ball,
    protruding from the skin. It was maybe three millimetres high, and
    attached by something I couldn’t quite see, something that looked like
    a black hair. Ookay. I panicked for a short second. Maybe it’s the
    drugs I’m taking, I thought (they had a LOT of side effects). I calmed
    myself down, thought that it will probably fade away after a day or
    Needless to say, it didn’t.
    I forgot about it. But two days later, while in the bathtub, I checked
    it out again, this time, probing some more. I noticed immediately that
    there was a small amount of white goo near it. Oh, I thought. Maybe
    it’s some sort of mutated zit or something? I poked it a bit to see if
    more goo would come out. It wasn’t firm as I thought it should be, but
    rather felt like a ball that wasn’t inflated all the way. Nothing more
    came out. The skin below was a bit bulged out and stinged a little.
    I checked it out the next day. Was it… bigger? Or was it my
    imagination? This was a bit too much for me. Okay, I thought, if it
    gets any bigger tomorrow, I’m going to a doctor. With that, I went on
    with my daily business, and finally, went to sleep.
    I had to get up early the next day, I was to meet my dad at the train
    station in an hour. I didn’t sleep well. The backside of my penis
    itched very much while I was lying on the bed, contemplating a few
    more minutes of light sleep. Nah, better get up now. Damn, it itches
    like hell, I thought while walking to the bathroom. While sitting on
    the toilet I lifted up my penis to see why it hurt so much.

    It was *definitely* bigger.
    It grew in size about ten times. It was about an inch long now, the
    shape of a football, and a slimy mixture of pukey brown and gray.
    Hoookay. I was freaking scared now. I gotta get to a doctor, I
    thought. Just after I get my dad, I’m going to a doctor. After I
    washed up, I went to put some pants on. I slided my boxers on to my
    knees, and I stopped. It bugged me too much. I lifted my dick again. I
    poked the thing again. It was fully inflated now, and felt strangely
    light. I poked the thing again. Then again. And ag… Pop. It fell of.
    It fell on the cushion I was sitting on. I quickly got up and examined
    it, pants still dropped half-way.
    On the end, the end that it was attached with, were two small insect
    legs, wiggling furiously. I panicked even more.
    Then it hit me. Gaaah.
    A tick. A bug. How the fuck did it get THERE? Then I remembered
    watering my plants and gathering apples, surrounded by trees, wearing
    loose pants. Crap.
    As I’m writing this, the bulge on my penis, that can’t help beeing
    compared to the triangle bulge, only rounder, is getting smaller. It
    still hurts like hell whenever I touch it, the kind of slow pain one
    gets after beeing kicked in the nuts. But it’s getting smaller.
    I just hope that the damn thing didn’t lay eggs.

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