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Top Backers 411

  • There have been a lot of questions about the Top Backers in the sidebar. Here’s the scoop:

    – Notice the Facebook, Twitter, Google, and orange share buttons top-center on Blog posts and Book pages? Click them.
    – If you are logged in, they will share a special link.
    – When your friends and followers use visit the FDO using your special links, you get points
    – If your friends go on to, say, register for the site, or leave comments, or daresay buy the FDO’s books, you get lots of points.
    – The mere pride of accomplishment should be more than enough, but we are talking with DOM about doing cool stuff with the points like prizes, special recognition, etc.

    I note that I am currently this site’s top backer, which is somewhat shameful given that I have barely 60 Twitter followers. Come on Junkies, get sharing!!!

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