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  • is an awesome fan site. The FAQ makes the music so much better cuz it helps you find all the easter eggs in the older albums. I don’t think the sites been updated in a long time… but I could be wrong…

    Also, don’t navigate away from the sigler site… maybe just open another window, bookmark TDN and check it out later… best FAQ ever

    Yup !

    *sips coke

    OGT, back from 92, the first ep…

    yeah TooL rocks, always down to discuss lyrics/theories and/or song composition/instrument specific.
    Have seen them 6+ times. One time drove from Denver to Wisconsin just for a TooL show, just because we could. Went to Washington state to see A Perfect Circle.
    TooL made me a better person

    check out da’ quote at da’ bottom of my sig.

    (HM & UNdead Warlord) 


    "SHIT adds up at the bottom!" ~ JMK

    I’m hooked on 10,000 days… I get worried when I get such lyrics stuck in my headLaughing

    is one of my favorite albums.

    "Next thing I know, I’m running for my life. And all I could think was if something were to ever happen to me, how sad I’d be, you know?"- Gob Bluth

    I’ve had The Pot stuck in my head for over a month now. And no that’s not code for anything 😉

    I put the laughter in manslaughter.

    saw em live a few years back it was, wicked awesome

    I’m going to hell because i need a vacation

    Any Tool fans out there? They are one of my favorite bands.

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