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To read now…

  • I read it and now I am listening to the podcast to get the extra "Umph!" our FDO adds to a story plus you get his pre/post story blurb,.. always interesting.

    I highly recommend it Mildred. Enjoy!


    "To Sleep, perchance to Dream – and see silver bugs, blue triangles and Snakeface riding an Ancestor comin’ at ya!" – Shakespeare in the FDO world.

    I’ve been listening at work and in the car and reading at home.  I have a feeling that’s not going to last much longer since I’m really getting sucked into the story and going to move faster than the podcast episodes are coming out!



    Hi Scott: Did you help in the artwork and packaging design? Man, it is top drawer. Here’s my problem. I have the audio sitting right by my computer, but I SHOULD do some work first. I guess I better since they are paying me… UGH! I know I’ll be up all night listening to this thing. It will be SWEET! A Sigler book is like cheez-its, I just buy a smaller box and eat the entire thing. Just start listening and WOW: Its 5 AM! SO GOOD!

    s13cybergal, an OJ with a walker. You can’t forget that Scott!

    I will be reading it first and then listening to it.

    I just couldn’t wait. I had too.


    In my world everyone is a pony, and they all eat rainbows, and poop butterflies.

    i thought about reading the book at the same time that our FDO

    was reading it. kinda like a bedtime story. but I just couldn’t wait.

    I’m just reading it.

    then I can listen to him on the podcast while on MUNI. drown out the 

    noise of the people on the train.

    Or wait for the podcast to be done…

    This is the first book where I’ve gotten the dead tree version before the podcast is done, so I’m stuck in a quandry.

    For those who have it, are you reading it before our glorious FDO is done reading it in his dulcet voice?


    AMP #1 (Addicted to Many Podcasts, in this case a Junkie)

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