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Timeline for the common universe right?

  • the clearer the timeline becomes.

    Start with finishing Infected as BD420 suggested. If you don’t have time to read at least listen to the podcasts. Scott is a great voice actor (even though all his womens voices kinda sound the same).

    Soon to be starring in NOCTURNAL by Scott Sigler. The autograph line starts to the right.

    and read Contagious! Lots more there to help connect some dots. Wink

    As far as a timeline is concerned, buy a copy of The Rookie (while supplies last!!) if you don’t already have it. There’s a complete timeline from 1967 to 2682 at the back of the book.

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    Many of your books take place in the same universe right? I heard the rookie takes place in the same universe as Infected. An by the alien races and Purist nation I figured the Crypt is too. So what I was wondering is what is the timeline between the books and how did society go from one to the other in history. I never finished infected so how is that connected and how did go from earth like today to things like the Crypt and from there to GFL were everyone was congupred by the ‘katarakiyans?’ I like to know the history.

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