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Thoughts on the hardback edition? SPOILERS

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    There’s so much more in the book, it really fleshes out a lot of the scenes and senarios.  Much more in depth info about motivations and thought processes as well. 

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    I agree, the book is absolutly amazing. lol
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     I am reading with blinders to all I’ve seen or heard so far, letting this version be the only one.
    Later, when I’m done, I will go back and really check out what was different, but now I just want the total experience of Infected, a novel, and so far I am absolutely spellbound.
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    Ok, Sigler has podcasted some of the new material, but definitely not all. My personal faves:

    Visiting the 2 Morgellons victims’ homes

    Margeret’s character – more developed, less of a driven bitch

    Anyone else?

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