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Thought some people here might get a kick outa this

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    this has changed my life…… for better or for worse i can’t yet tell… i MUST see this whole movie

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    OK, the scary part is that I’m watching the video and the Big Guy comes in and says – "Hey that’s Hawk the Slayer!" and then when Spoony starts on ‘Yor" he’s laughing like crazy — he and his high school D & D buds watched Yor many a time, evidently.

    He got a huge kick out of the review and is emailing the link to his buds. Keep in mind that they were watching this when it was first released. Good times.

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    After seeing that review during a break at D&D one night we found it and played it the rest of the night in the background LoL!  Its every bit as "wonderous" as the review shows.

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    In every way possible.





    the trick to staying sane is to just out-crazy the world

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    I think that strapline also applies to Hawk the slayer btw…. you definitely can’t make any sense of Jack Palance’s vinegar treatment without the assistance of recreational pharmaceuticals.

    Hawk the Slayer is worth a watch if you’ve not seen it… and then another watch to make sense of it… and then another watch when you realise you can’t make sense of it and learn to appreciate the disjointed abstraction of the whole thing.

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    Hawk the Slayer rules but this looks awesome!!

    "Boats made from wicker don’t float for shit" what a line

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    "We’ll need more hemp before we’re through."

    Right on, brother. 

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    I watched this thing forever ago, but just stumbled across it again, and figured that at least a few of ya’ll would get a snicker out of it:

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