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This week in Football!!!

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    Seneca Wallace’s tenure with Seattle has finally come to an end, 3 years far too late!

    Words cannot describe how stoked I am to see that dude gone. He had a college career out of 1 play and for whatever reason Holmgren thinks he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    Holmy, you can have him in Cleveland.

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    A lot of mighty teams look to be on the verge of falling this year while a lot of teams people wrote off seem to be playing on fire right now.

    Who would have thought that Denver, San Francisco, Baltimore, Cincy, Pitts, Tennesse, etc would be having the seasons that they are right now?

    I’m just accepted the fact that my pick ’em scores are going to be pure shite until at least week 8 until, hopefully, some form of sanity overtakes the NFL, but so far this year looks to be a pure definition of "any given Sunday".

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    The ‘Boys’ defense was on fire tonight! I bet Jerry’s happy they finally won a game in that fancy new stadium. I still wonder who got fired over last week’s loss. The J-Man is prone to do that kind of thing ya know. 

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    Enough Said!!!!!!!!!!Laughing 


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    I missed my chance to meet "The Bus" in person. Last year a bunch from work went out for lunch and I was being dilligent and stayed at my desk. They come back and are telling me that Bettis was there at the local 5 Guys. And they didn’t CALL ME. I would’ve run over there in a heartbeat and made a small pest of myself to get an autograph. So sad.

    Anywhoo, he lives in the Atlanta area now. So maybe I’ll get another chance some day.

    Go Steelers! Go Dawgs! Got my signed copy of "The Rookie"

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    But then, I still miss Jerome! 

    And Friend of MuchAdo!

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  • I swapped out my crappy defense in the Galatic Football league and picked the Detroit Defense.  My faith in the Lions brought them out of this great drought.
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3-0 And Green Bay on Monday Night Football!!!! Good job GD Lions.

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Your GD Detroit Lions finally won a game!  For your sake, I hope it’s a sign of things to come… except for next week when they come to Chicago, that is!  GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!


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The Steeler’s 2nd loss has been difficult for my husband and I. But we are strong and we’ll get through this rough spot together.

I miss Troy! He would never have let this Bengals debacle happen. (sniff)

Go Steelers! Go Dawgs! Got my signed copy of "The Rookie"

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How about that, the GD Detroit Lions Won!!  Also the Bengals beat the Stealers!!! Awesome!  Hope the Cowboys do something tomorrow night, and they don’t mention the new staduim again, and again, and again.


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