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This is bizarre…and probably BS…

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    I was on that site months ago, but I don’t remember how I came across it.


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    Nice find, Delhome!  This looks like the elevators used in The Rookie that transported the KRaken’s players to Earth!!

    Once again, our FDO is waaaay ahead of those scientist eggheads!


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    Or maybe did a little more dreaming. But I watched a episode of Sci tech about a month ago where the are working on a theoretical lift to go from Earth to the ISS, Actually had a small non-functioning prototye, Granted most of the tech was only a thought, but the nano tubes were at the core for the elevator transport system.

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    yeah I bet its a promo stunt too.  Last time i read about a proposed space elevator they were talking about using carbon nano-tubes to get around the structural limitations, but even then it was proposed as a lift system for lower gravity planets like mars.

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     Awesome setup. Looks just like one of those cloverfield promotional stunts. this could be advertising for a movie


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    is bullshit.  it says that terrorists have destroyed it….. but… it just made me remember…"Your tax dollars at work" from the Rookie

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    But I know NASA is working on plans for a space elevator.

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    a space evevator?????? 

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